reshuffle, consultations and external support –

Consultations, minority government, remained: here is a vademecum to orient yourself among the many words of the political crisis.

The consultations of the head of state

The Italian one is a parliamentary form of government, meaning that the parliament is elected in the elections and not the head of the government who is instead appointed by the President of the Republic. The choice of the head of state takes place at the end of the so-called consultations, talks and comparisons on parliamentary numbers with the leaders of all parliamentary groups and parties, with the presidents of the two chambers, with the former heads of state. At the end of the consultations, which take place immediately after the elections or in the event of a government crisis, as in this case, the President of the Republic chooses to indicate the new head of the government who must obtain confidence in Parliament within ten days.

The oath

Before obtaining the confidence of the majority of senators and deputies in Parliament, the prime minister and his ministers swear in the hands of the head of state, who appoints the members of the executive.

External support

It occurs when a political force that is not part of the majority still supports the decisions and the direction of the government: either directly, with an explicit vote of confidence, or through the decision to abstain or leave the classroom at the time of a vote.

Government of broad agreements

Usually the definition describes a government in which two opposing political forces come together to overcome a parliamentary blockade and consequently find an agreement to form a new government.

Government of national unity

In this case, the government supported by all or almost all the forces present in parliament occurs in cases of necessity and exceptionality, for example situations of war, particularly serious financial crises or other similar situations.

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