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There is bitterness in Chiara Appendino’s gaze. It is barely visible above the black mask, together with a certain amount of discouragement. “To be mayor you have to be a martyr,” she unleashes with those around her. The judge has just finished pronouncing the sentence. A year and a half in prison. Guilty of disaster, murder, culpable injury. Accusations that weigh on the soul of a young 36-year-old mother, even before the mayor’s criminal record. This is not the first sentence. Only four months ago, in another courtroom of the same palagiustizia, the court had found her responsible for false ideology in a matter relating to the compilation of the municipal budget. Travet stuff, difficult to understand if you are not an accountant.


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“I should have foreseen”

This time, however, it is different. The wave of panic, the victims, two women who died as a result of the injuries, the 1,694 injured on that 3 June 2017 in Piazza San Carlo during the Juventus-Real Madrid final: everything is still there, like a still image, in front of the eyes of the Turinese. “I pay for a gesture made by others,” Appendino keeps repeating, his raven hair gathered in a ponytail. It indicates the responsibility of the four baby robbers armed with stinging spray who unleashed the stampede that evening. «I should have foreseen, according to the judges, what then happened and cancel the screening of the match. If I had had the elements to do it – he says -, I would have done it. But this was not the case and unfortunately the rest is news ».

“Pain still alive”

Nothing has been the same since that night three and a half years ago. Something has forever cracked in the relationship between Appendino and the city. She herself is aware of this. «I will not hide it from you, this tragic story – he admits – has deeply marked me. Those days, and the months that followed, were the most difficult both in my mandate as mayor and in my private, personal sphere. That pain is still alive, I will always carry it with me ». And, now, being held responsible for it is terrible. As if that were not enough, then, it affects his future political prospects a few months after his exit from Palazzo Civico. Already after the first sentence she had suspended herself from the M5S and a possible re-nomination had been put aside. With the resignation of the Conte bis, some opening could have been reopened, perhaps for a place in the new government. Nothing to do.

Di Maio: “A big hug”

“I’m unmotivated. The general context is terrible », she confides, as the Movement gathers around her. “I send you a big hug, you are extraordinary and I will continue to trust you”, is the message of Luigi Di Maio. So, after being sentenced (never happened to a mayor of Turin), Appendino throws the ball into the field of relations between justice and politics. “Perhaps – he proposes – a healthy discussion should be opened on the difficult role of mayors, on the risks and responsibilities to which they are exposed”. Her predecessor, Piero Fassino, reached the other day by a notice of guarantee, goes after her: «I share». And the mayors of Italy join the appeal, they square around the colleague, they defend her. “We cannot be scapegoats yet,” argues the mayor of Bari and president of ANCI, Antonio Decaro. “We often also pay for the crazy gestures of others”, points out the Florentine Dario Nardella, who with a tweet addresses his colleague “a hug”, while the Milanese Giuseppe Sala only says “I’m sorry, she’s a friend”. Appendino is thus preparing to leave the scene in his role as mayor. She, who in 2016 entered the town hall among the executioners of the grillini: «Honesty, honesty».

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