Bologna-Milan, formations and where to see it. Ibrahimovic wants to be forgiven. Pioli: “It’s not racist” –

Bologna 4-2-3-1: 28 Skorupski 14 Tomiyasu 23 Danilo 5 Soumaoro 35 Dijks 32 Svanberg 30 Schouten 7 Orsolini 21 Soriano 10 Sansone 99 Barrow

Milan 4-2-3-1 99: G. Donnarumma 2 Calabria 23 Tomori 13 Romagnoli 19 Theo Hernandez 8 Tonali 79 Kessie 56 Salelemaekers 17 Leao 12 Rebic 11 Ibrahimovic
Referee: Duties
Tv: 3pm Sky 202

One day each, as expected. One to Ibrahimovic and one to Lukaku, both to be served in the Italian Cup. The first for the sum of yellows, as stated in the device of Sports Judge: «Non-regulatory behavior on the pitch and incorrect behavior towards an opponent». The second for having been warned “for non-regulatory behavior on the pitch”: being the Belgian on warning, he will miss the first leg semi-final with Juventus.

No surprise then, no sting, but the question does not end there. On the contrary: we could only be at the beginning. The ball now passes to the Prosecutor of the Football Association, who as expected opened an investigation by acquiring the report of the referee Valeri to ascertain the details on which the sports judge based his sentence. They will not find many, Valeri has not heard the sentences uttered by the two and used the usual generic formula of “mutual misconduct”. To get to the bottom, the Prosecutor could therefore also acquire audio evidence and television footage. At that point there are two scenarios: dismissal or referral to the National Federal Court, which could sanction one or both players with a disqualification. Timing? We will not be able to go long: the topic is too hot.

“The images we have seen were not beautiful and must be questioned”, was the comment of the FIGC president. Gabriele Gravina, confirming that the case of the San Siro fight is far from extinguished. Who knows, maybe a gesture by both players would have been useful for everyone, but it didn’t. And it’s too late now.

“It wasn’t a good show, I don’t justify it, but we have to close it, put a point” said Stefano Pioli, who defended his player: “He is not a racist”. Today he will field the owner in Bologna, with Mandzukic on the bench. Calhanoglu recovered from Covid, but yesterday he was not among the squads: in his place there will be Leao, who has released his first rap music album. January for the Devil is red alert: 3 knockouts in 20 days. You cannot fail.

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