Government, alliance with Renzi? Di Battista to the M5S: «Goodbye and thank you» –

The reversal of the M5S on Renzi (Vito Crimi, after the interview with Mattarella announced that he is available to a new executive led by Conte that also includes Italia viva) is causing immediate spaccature within the world of five stars, who sees the number one enemy in the senator of Rignano. The heaviest voice that rises against Renzi is that of Alessandro Di Battista who even fears the abandonment of the Movement: «I acknowledge that today the line has changed. I haven’t changed my mind. Going back to sitting with Renzi means committing a great political mistake and I would say historical. It means putting yourself back in the hands of a Professional “stabber” which, feeling even more powerful than before, will increase the number of stab wounds. I’ve always thought so and I think so even now. If the Movement were to return to the previous line, I am there. Otherwise Goodbye and thanks»Wrote« Dibba »on Facebook.

Also Barbara Lezzi, former minister in the Conte 1 government, does not agree with the revival of the alliance with Italia viva. Lezzi had already made it known in the morning his opposition to the reopening of a dialogue with Renzi. And after Crimi’s declarations he breaks the delay: «What has been announced is a sudden change of line which, to be legitimized, must be followed by a vote by the members. The two governments formed since 2018 have seen the vote of our members is central. Also in this case it is necessary ». The senator therefore evokes the opportunity of a consultation of the members on such a decisive point.

January 29, 2021 (change January 29, 2021 | 18:17)


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