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The exception does not respect the rules and is called out of the fray. The exception is Matteo Minozzi, 24, rugby player, because someone like this, an elf of just over 170 centimeters, if he is not a stranger to the schemes, would never dream of going to challenge the ogres who in the era of professionalism have taken to populate the rugby fields. Genius and recklessness, a naive boy, out of the rules, of those who have built their competitive path on instinct, imagination, the unpredictability of the technical gesture and an innate flair for the goal. To the point of being the most prolific blue scorer of the last three years (11 goals in 22 appearances), but also the most exposed to the risk of injuries: two years ago during the meeting Zebre-Southern Kings was stuck in a group, his knee literally exploded to the point that there was talk of a career over before a long rehabilitation. In the fall in the Six Nations appendix against England, the images of his broken nose were gruesome, but two weeks later he was again kicking in blue.

The bubble, a nightmare

An instinctive that instinctively took a decision against the current: there will be no silent Six Nations that will start on February 6 (Italy-France), he has not made it to terms with the nightmare of closing for 2 months in a bubble and only think about rugby, to opponents, to the endless days in the hotel hanging between training sessions, buffers, technical meetings, video analysis, teammates. He sprinkled his head with ashes and from England, where he works for the glorious London Wasps, he got rid of technical commissioner Franco Smith, admitting their inability to handle the stress of forced withdrawal: “I wanted to be honest with Franco – he tweeted – and I want to be honest with all the Italian fans who believe in me and love me: I’m physically and mentally tired, a little too much to live another two months in a bubble”. Clear message, isolation would be a nightmare for those who have always lived with their heads out the window. On the pitch and in everyday life.

Those signs in the fall

That the new era of blue rugby, that of the team renewed to the core (24 years the average age of the group called for the Tournament), of grueling workouts, of the natural selection made on the ability of individuals to withstand workloads hitherto unknown to our rugby, it was close to Minozzi it was understood in autumn, when before the last test of the Autumn’s Nations Cup against Wales, he had left the retreat to return to the club. The official communication had justified the escape (or the exclusion?) With an arm injury, but was denied a few days later by the minutes played the same weekend with the Wasps shirt.


The reaction of the coach

Franco Smith took note of the decision without making a turn: “The doors here remain open for everyone, we need 55 high-level players and that is the goal of my job at the helm of Italy ». For him the only way to try to reverse the tendency to recurrent defeat is to limit the physical-athletic intensity gap that divides us from the evolved oval world. Whoever resists becomes his iron praetorian. Matteo Minozzi, the last genius of Italian rugby, didn’t make it. And the bubble closed behind.

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