The tragic health film

twelve o’clock, January 29, 2021 – 10:06 am

From the Goddess of Lecce to Gallipoli

of Gianni Spinelli

Lhe neverending story of a health care (small “s”) that does not work, managed with carelessness and lightness, where lightness stands for guilty incapacity and absolute disrespect for the life of the citizen. It must be said immediately, without mincing words, not listening to justifications and official defenses. In this case, the journalistic rule of first facts and then opinions does not apply. It happens in Salento, a land of rare beauty. Act of pain number one: The Goddess of Lecce has been transformed into a movie set. The hospital’s Emergency and Urgency Department (has only hospitalized Covid patients for weeks) available to the crew that is shooting the TV drama Until the last beat directed by Cinzia Th Torrini and produced by Eliseo Multimedia, with Raul Bova, Serena Autieri, Tullio Solenghi and others. Kind ASL and diligent sanitation. Long live cinema, long live Italian television and long live Apulia Film Commission ready to enhance the territory.

Un Covid hospital for a fiction. But how is it done? People suffer, keep dying and turn around. Quiet, women and men of bad faith. The ASL has assured: the filming will not hinder or cross the Covid paths used by health professionals and patients. Don’t worry, women and men of bad faith: the territorial assistance centers of Nard and Poggiardo will also be locations for Bova and company. The sick? Accessories. Act of pain number two: Sacred Heart hospital of Gallipoli. A broken door in the operating room for a month. And for a month (what do you want it to be thirty days) there have been no interventions, even oncological emergencies. In Gallipoli there are no technicians able to carry out the repair.

Sono two acts of pain of different types, but they say a lot about a sector tragically at the mercy of incapable people, among other things not controlled. The Puglia Region often announces positive revolutions, building sites with great fanfare (see the Fiera hospital in Bari), continuously declining bla-bla-bla. But everything remains the same. Indeed, it gets worse, due to the Covid emergency and the increased general shortages, ranging from long waits to privileges. We cannot go on with the excuse that we Apulia are no worse off than other regions. Comparisons in this field should not be made. time that citizens, especially those in need – and now they are more than before – are assisted in the name of law, dignity and civilization.

January 29, 2021 | 10:06


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