Government crisis, Conte hopes for the “ter” but fears that the parties (and not only Renzi) will work to weaken him-

ROME Nobody jumped for joy in the rooms of Palazzo Chigi and it is understandable, after the hopes of receiving the assignment that several ministers and some of the elders of the Democratic Party had instilled in the soul of Giuseppe Conte. The lawyer accepted the exploratory mandate to Roberto Fico with respect and suffering, at least equal to relief because the choice fell on a 5-star personality. The outgoing premier highly esteems the Speaker of the House and is cautiously confident about the outcome of the discussions that the third position of the state will have, between now and Tuesday, with the leaders of the political forces of the majority.

Conte’s dilemma remains the same: Matteo Renzi. The phone call that last Thursday made to the founder of Italia Viva reopened a communication channel. But although in the last twenty-four hours the ministers and the outgoing premier himself have received “many signs of peace” from the Renzians, the road to a Count ter remains a narrow and dimly lit alley. The first to know is he, still burned by those 24 minutes of “meeting” with which Renzi, from the highest hill, called him a populist desperate for votes in Parliament.

Bridges and ambassadors frantically got back to work and what arrives at Palazzo Chigi is a mix of calming signals and threatening requests. Conte was shocked when they told him that the Renzians estimate his third government at 50% of the possibilities and fears that the senator of Rignano, who asks him for discontinuity in substance and method, could turn the table over at any time. Goffredo Bettini keeps repeating that “Renzi will not be able to pull the rope too much, otherwise it will break.” And Vito Crimi also guaranteed him the “solid loyalty” of the Movement. At the Quirinale the message of the political leader was clear: if Fico’s mandate leads to Conte, fine, otherwise the M5S won’t fit. And so Conte does not despair, but wonders if he will be able to make all the concessions that the parties expect from him. “Renzi will present you with a high bill”, the mediators warned him, listing Bonafede, Gualtieri, Azzolina and De Micheli as some of the ministers to be renewed in the “great reshuffle” that lies ahead. And if the dems say they are convinced that “Renzi shoots four to get two”, perhaps one for Maria Elena Boschi, the list of claims is not finished. There is talk of the downsizing of Commissioner Domenico Arcuri and the torpedoing of spokesman Rocco Casalino, who however Ettore Rosato denies: “We never asked for it.”

On the other hand, Conte, not having found the “willing” senators that would serve to neutralize Renzi, he doesn’t have many arrows in his bow. If not the compactness of the parties, three out of four, which for now have decided to lock it down. The Democratic Party supports Mattarella’s effort to resolve the crisis “with trust and loyalty” and hopes that Renzi “will be consistent”. Yesterday we just missed everything due to the attacks of the 5 Stars on his conference in Saudi Arabia. The Movement is torn apart and having lost the newfound alliance with Alessandro Di Battista is another obstacle that Conte cannot underestimate. Many 5-star parliamentarians accuse him of having thrown a month in the vain search for “builders” and the “big names” would have said, in essence, “now you are also in debt to us”. The risk for the lawyer is that the parties do want to leave him at Palazzo Chigi, but considerably reducing his power. And maybe by forcing the hand to accept the formula of the two vice premieres. Even so it explains why even yesterday, on the sidelines of the CDM, Conte stopped to talk about elections.

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