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Di Martina, locked in quarantine in a hotel room in Melbourne, Australia, in the video of the call on Zoom, the hedgehogs arrive first. Many and disobedient, just like those who have rebelled against a story already written. «If I think of myself, I see a thousand facets: fragility, anger, determination, joy. I learned that the desire to dream is a winning force. And if when you feel bad you ask yourself why, the answers always come ».

With Martina Trevisan, 27, Florentine, number 86 in the world rankings, daughter of Monica and Claudio, former center forward in Serie B, sister of Matteo who had predicted a future from Roger Federer (damned injuries …), it is a mortal sin talk only about tennis. Martina is much more than quarter-final reached in Paris last year after a breakneck run from the qualifiers, it is more than his handsome left-handed forehand and the ambitions that he packed by leaving for the Australian Open, the first Grand Slam tournament of the season (starting on February 8), leaving Covid (“Few symptoms but a great exhaustion when I returned to the field “) and quarantine (” I was on the flight from Abu Dhabi, luckily I did not come into contact with positives and therefore I was able to train a few hours a day: for the rest I did yoga, I I brushed my English and spoke on Skype with Italy ») behind him. Martina is her experience of healing from eating disorders in the period when her parents were separating, it is the hatred of tennis before falling back in love with it (“I read” Open “, by Agassi, of course: I was in the dark and I found myself there, I underlined the sentences of the book with the highlighter, one above all: I hate tennis but I can’t stop playing”), three years away from the field doing other things («I finished linguistic high school and I took care of my malaise») before returning to the old passion.

In short, Martina is a very healthy carrier of healing, a walking message of life that arrives from the other side of the world at the dawn of the season that must consecrate her among the top-100 tennis players (“The goal is to play at a high level as much as possible: results and ranking will come by themselves”) and number one in Italy, possibly with some other foray as a rebel (see Roland Garros 2020) in the attic of world tennis: “The awareness that I can stay at that level, now I have it. Me in the second week of a Grand Slam? I marveled for myself. But everything has a different and better flavor for the past I come from ».

Now that the ghosts are behind us (“I continue to attend the psychologist in Pisa and I work with a mental coach for the sporting aspect”), it’s nice to turn around and realize that they are not scary. “For as long as I remember, I’ve always had the racket in my hand: every photo of me as a child is set in the club – says Martina with the tray of food passed through the Australian anti-Covid procedures on the bed, at us in the morning and at her bedtime. dinner -. I liked tennis right away. But as a girl I was growing less than as a tennis player, it created a cleavage, as if I could not keep up with the results that were starting to arrive. Happiness and anger alternated, until the second took over. At the end of 2009 I decided to quit because I wasn’t having fun anymore. I wanted only one thing: to free myself from the chains ». There is a very strong Dutch cyclist, Tom Dumoulin, king of the 2017 Giro d’Italia, Martina; he just announced the indefinite retirement: I couldn’t even take the dog out without thinking about the bicycle, he said.

“I understand. There comes a time when your only concern is to live. Then, over time, you have to try not to think about judgments and what people want from you, just to feel good about yourself “. Martina’s salvation, curiously, was the root cause of her ailment: tennis. “I taught children and adults and I heard a little voice inside me saying: Marti, watch out that door isn’t closed.” His lifeboat, paradoxically, the disease: «With the eating disorders I finally showed my evil of living to the outside: in tennis everything seemed to go well, but behind the mask the reality was very different. My parents, distracted by their problems, realized that something was wrong ». Taking care of it was the first step in healing.

Slowly the good thoughts returned, the hunger for food, sport and love: «Falling in love was an important step. Before with the boys I was ashamed, I didn’t want to be seen. With Marco, who has a petrol station in Pontedera, for the first time I can really be myself ». It is not surprising that the real Martina, who trains at the federal center of Tirrenia and travels around the world with a mini staff (the coach Matteo Catarsi, nomen omen, and the athletic trainer Donato Quinto), was able to free her talent once they were recovered. pieces of the puzzle together. “Today I am happy. I like to travel, train, stay on the pitch, challenge opponents ». Including the legendary Serena Williams, 39-year-old panther still chasing the 24th Grand Slam.

It is late, the new Trevisan who has two hearts tattooed on her arm wants to sleep. “I like, through my story, to send a positive signal: I never gratify myself enough, you know.” Sweet dreams, Marti.

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