Juventus, theft in McKennie’s home while the player is engaged in the Coppa Italia- Corriere.it

The bad surprise

Back home the day after the match, the US player found it turned upside down: gone shoes, designer clothes, and valuables. The amount of the damage is not known at the moment. From the first investigations of the police, it seems certain that the thieves entered the house after having forced a bathroom window without being seen. The villa of the football player who arrived from Schalke at the end of August last year inserted in a residential complex, but none of the neighbors noticed anything.

Footballers robbed: from Castillejo to Icardi, from Hamsik to Insigne, high-profile robberies

The previous

Not the first home theft suffered by a Juventus player. Last year, in the height of summer, it was the turn of Brazilian midfielder Douglas Costa, who later sold to Bayern Munich. On that occasion, the criminals went into action in via Lagrange, in the center of Turin, taking advantage of the homeowner’s vacation absence. And even in that case, as in Mc Kennie’s villa, they entered through a French window, taking away jewels and watches for a total value of about 300 thousand euros.

The robbery of the Marchisio house

Going even further back in time, in October 2019 it was Claudio Marchisio’s turn to suffer the unwanted visit of a gang of criminals. In that case, however, it was a robbery. Two armed bandits broke into the player’s home in the I Cavalieri Village, an area that includes villas and gardens, fenced and protected by a video surveillance and access system with codes. And they threatened Marchisio and his wife until they had designer clothes, cash and jewelry delivered.

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