Zaniolo with his mother at There’s mail for you and the mysterious check to the orphan boy –

A shirt, a pair of football boots, a computer and, above all, a check (the cachet for participation in the C ‘mail for you program) on whose entity remains the mystery. Nicol Zaniolo’s gift to Alessandro, the boy who lost his mother 14 months ago. Maria De Filippi stressed that this is a figure that life changes and on social media the full check immediately exploded. How many zeros did Maria write? It seemed like four, some write. It’s still: But are they 10 thousand or 100 thousand euros?. And there are those who add: Some of the public say 70 thousand euros. In any case, Zaniolo comes out as a champion, too, of generosity.


You are my example and I am here to give you a smile. He is counting on me now, said Zaniolo to the boy who lost his mother Monia 14 months ago to a long illness. Today to take care of the boy is Monia’s partner, Maurizio, Alessandro’s father who had written a touching letter to his (non-biological) son: For me you are the perfect son. What I’ve always wanted. I will never leave you alone, because you and I chose each other many years ago. And that’s why I’d choose you a thousand more times. I feel bad at the thought of not being able to satisfy you.

The only woman in my life

at this point the study door opens and Zaniolo enters with his mother Francesca Costa. Alessandro remains open-mouthed. A dream. The player gives him a shirt, the shoes with which he injured the second time in September, a PC and his cachet for participation in the broadcast. It is not known how much, but as soon as Father Maurizio reads the figure that Maria De Filippi shows him he bursts into tears. Zaniolo’s mother is also moved. You gave me a great emotion, she says crying to Father Maurizio. A emotion that I will also express on Instagram by replying to her son’s post that defines her as the only woman in my life! (a reference, too, to the gossip of the last few weeks): My love … I always proudly next to you and with a heart full of emotion for everything you do, thank you ….

The invitation to Trigoria

Zaniolo also invited the boy to Trigoria, where Roma trains, but for this to happen we have to wait a little longer. Zaniolo still positive at Covid (the episode was recorded in December), but on Monday he hopes for a negative buffer to return to normal. And give Alessandro another joy.

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