Government crisis, Conte now hopes but there will also be war on the team. The institutional plan B –

Renzi turns over one card at a time and in the last few hours he has sent opening signals: As always I will try to win big, but I could also be satisfied with winning. Reflections that the ambassadors of the Democratic Party have sent to Chigi, with attached footnotes and recommendations addressed to Conte: Now that Matteo will sit at Fico’s table, it will be your turn to Giuseppe not to blow everything up with jamming on the program or on the ministers. And accept the risk of ending up in the police station by the parties, who will do so because Conte resigned himself to digesting the formula of the two vice premieres, one of the Five Stars and the other of the Democratic Party. And not all. At Palazzo Chigi there is the fear that the political forces will impose on Conte an undersecretary to the presidency who is not one of his faithful and a sort of permanent control room with the leaders: a political place where crucial choices can be taken collectively, starting with the recovery billions.

To stay in the rooms of Piazza Colonna, Conte will have to pay a price. How high will also depend on the risks that Renzi decides to take. The grand visr of the Nazarene, Goffredo Bettini, on Courier servicehe indicated two paths: Conte ter, or elections between May and June. And since the parliamentarians of Italy alive do not want to fall into the trap of the vote, the dem are convinced that Renzi will not break for a personal fact, with the risk of splitting his groups and losing pieces. One thing for the senator made it clear: Don’t think he did all this to leave Conte in his place and friends as before.

Renzi wants radical changes on the cornerstones of political action and on the people who will have to interpret it. Inside Maria Elena Boschi and Ettore Rosato, outside Alfonso Bonafede and, daydream of the Tuscan senator, Roberto Gualtieri. And here an insurmountable problem already arises, because Zingaretti is not willing to give up box in via XX Settembre and the fact that it is occupied by a politician and not a technician. Different speech if Renzi saw his legs at Count ter’s table to take the second way: an institutional government, supported by an Ursula majority extended to Forza Italia and with the abstention of the League. To face the double economic and pandemic crisis, Renzi believes that the most authoritative name remains that of the former president of the ECB. Iv’s leader doesn’t want to pull by the jacket Mario Draghi, but behind the scenes he does nothing but relaunch his name.

The Quirinale has denied contacts between Mattarella and the banker after the opening of the crisis, yet the suggestion of a premier indicated by Colle looms over the negotiations. And while the names of Carlo Cottarelli, Ignazio Visco and Luciana Lamorgese bounce, the prices of Marta Cartabia. If the parties do not find an agreement on Conte or another political premier, such as Fico himself, the president emeritus of the Consulta could lead a high-profile executive, with Draghi to manage the Recovery as super-minister of the Treasury. Ciampi model, which moves from via XX Settembre to the Quirinale.

The hostility of 5-star parliamentarians they are gradually thawing out and even for the Democratic Party it would be difficult not to respond to a call from Mattarella to national salvation. But al Nazareno have not forgotten the electoral price paid after supporting the technicians of Monti and Bettini, he stops everyone and nobody’s governments, which would be impracticable and harmful. Go on with Conte, then. If he then leaves the scene, we’ll see

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