“If it continues like this we will end up late at night” – Corriere.it

When 9:47 am in the Sala della Lupa – set up for the occasion in compliance with Covid regulations, distancing, dispencer at each station – Roberto Fico, president of the Chamber and explorer for the resolution of the “government crisis”, takes the floor and he introduces what the “method” for the drafting of the “government contract” or, as Matteo Renzi prefers “final document”, should be. “The table is a tool for confrontation, then it will be up to the groups to find the synthesis” is the meaning of the reasoning of the third office of the State.

There are all the group leaders of the majority forces. Among others Graziano Del Rio e Andrea Marcucci in quota Pd, Davide Crippa and Ettore Licheri for the Cinquestelle, Alessandro Fusacchia and Bruno Tabacci for the Democratic Center, the new “managers” of Maie, that is Raffaele Fantetti and Maurizio Buccarella, Federico Fornaro and Loredana De Petris (LeU). The spotlight is on the Renzi duo: Maria Elena Boschi and Davide Faraone. The question that almost everyone asks in the small groups that precede the start of the confrontation goes something like this: «How will they behave? Will they pronounce the name of Giuseppe Conte? ».

The morning slips by slowly. They all spoke several times as well. The “method” to follow is consumed the first arm wrestling. It is debated whether to proceed or not for thematic tables. And it is at this point on the scene that the Italia viva delegation opposes. The reason? They complain from the Democratic Party: “Maybe they did it to lengthen the broth.” The fact is that at 10:30 the first real debate on the contents of the program begins. On the telephone Ettore Rosato, president of Italia viva, gives an opinion on the morning: “It’s all very slow, if it continues like this we will end up late at night“. As for the tug-of-war on the thematic tables, the Trieste-born recalls that “it is not a solution for one simple reason: the Head of State Sergio Mattarella didn’t give us 15 days”. But is an agreement possible? Rosato puts it this way: «If there is politics, an agreement is reached. On the other hand, you can never close a political crisis with Buccarella and Tabacci?».

Tell Tobaccos: “We examined the labor policies, the Fornaro constitutional bill, one of the corrections deemed necessary after the cut of the parliamentarians, and finally the proportional reform of the electoral system”. And what was the attitude of the group leaders of Italia viva? The former continues: “The name of Conte has already been made by 4 out of 5 members. And it was also said in the introduction that the documents must refer to Conte as president in charge ». Result? Participants’ phones ring but no one else dares to answer. Absent leaders who perhaps will be elsewhere to negotiate. “The break is sacred,” smiles a clerk of the Chamber. So the table was refreshed at 2:15 pm.

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