Maria Elena Boschi and Delrio-

First the themes, they all repeat. But a worn-out verbal rite because ideas walk on people’s legs and names, armchairs, are decisive for reaching the square. In these hours, therefore, the analysis of the issues is intertwined with the government structure.

The first role to be assigned is that of the premier. The hypothesis that that of a Count ter prevails (the alternative would be a institutional government, with the suggestion of Mario Draghi not prime minister but super minister of the Economy). The decisive chair precisely that of the Mef. Matteo Renzi, in consultations with Roberto Fico, he would ask at least two ministries, indicating four hypotheses: Economy, Education, Infrastructure and Work.

Roberto Gualtieri considered by a part of the Democratic Party (and living Italy) too Contiano. The Quirinale would like to ensure continuity in some key sectors. And it was no coincidence that at the time Giovanni Tria has not been indicated by the parties. But replacing Gualtieri – perhaps running him for mayor of Rome – is difficult. Political candidates to the height are not seen, while on the technicians (Draghi aside), the hypothesis of Fabio Panetta, former director general of the Bank of Italy, today on the Executive Committee of the ECB (a name that could make everyone agree) and that of Ernesto Maria Ruffini, director of the Revenue Agency. However, the full endorsement arrived in Gualtieri from the number one of Confindustria, Carlo Bonomi: For the good of the country some people have to stay and I refer to the Minister of Economy. If we have the Recovery Fund, thanks to him.

The other two ministries under the fire of the Renzians are Education, of the contiana Lucia Azzolina, and that of Justice. The announced report by Minister Alfonso Bonafede (later not voted for Conte’s resignation) was the spark of the crisis. The Keeper, and his extreme justicialism, are not welcome to the Democratic Party and to part of the Movement. Bonafede could be hijacked and become M5S group leader: among the possible replacements there are Sabino Cassese, the Milan prosecutor Francesco Greco (who for the holder of an investigation into the League), the former president of the Consulta Marta Cartabia e Andrea Orlando. But the strongest name seems to be that of Paola Severino, who was already Keeper of the Monti government. Placing a technician would be a way to depoliticize a hot ministry, a bit like it happened with Luciana Lamorgese after the disputed mandate of Matteo Salvini inside.

Iv would like the Infrastructures for Maria Elena Boschi, which would be unpacked by the Transport (here the favorites are the Pd Graziano Delrio and the M5S Stefano Buffagni). Boschi even gave to the Economy (unfounded rumor) or he could go to the Defense, where he would take over Lorenzo Guerini, which would pass to the Interior. More difficult than the dem Roberta Pinotti, as they say, you land in Defense, because the combination with Interno for the Democratic Party would be excessive. If the veto of M5S were to hold up on Boschi, the joint would skip and the Renziano could go to the Viminale Ettore Rosato. Matteo Renzi, on the other hand, has no intention of entering.

The Democratic Party, on the other hand, wants to enter it with more weight. Orlando is almost certain to arrive. He could be Deputy Prime Minister, Keeper of Seals or Undersecretary with responsibility for Recovery. Another important entry could be that of Goffredo Bettini, like Undersecretary of the Prime Minister.

In addition to Bonafede, the 5 Stars would also lose Nunzia Catalfo at Work. Dicastery that would not end in a Renzian, given the offensive on citizenship income: the dem Andrea Marcucci or, if it were considered too pro-Renzi, Debora Serracchiani. Locked up to Education Lucia Azzolina, with the dem Anna Ascani pressing. Stefano Patuanelli could take the place of Riccardo Fraccaro as undersecretary to the Prime Minister. While continuing the Movement’s insistence to place Giancarlo Cancelleri as minister of the South instead of Giuseppe Provenzano. If Alessandro Di Battista recedes from the anti-Renzian intransigence, he could have Innovation or the Environment. Finally, the Europeans: they would have the right to a ministry. The most accredited Bruno Tabacci, to the Family.

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