“My sister, you will soon be back on the podium, on the roof of the world” – Corriere.it

“My friend, this year too bad luck wanted to play its part in your season – writes Moioli on Instagram -. It didn’t take. I saw you, sitting in the hospital bed, waiting for a report that you already knew in your heart. But do you also know where I saw you? On the roof of the world, on the top step of the podium, smiling, with all your greatness and strength. A podium that this year you dominated like no other ».

Ending the 2021 season early means thinking – and both do – already in Beijing 2022, at the Olympics (Covid pemettendo). From gold to gold, from empress to empress, encouragement is important. “You know where I’ll see you, don’t you? Always there, on that podium, in your place, which you deserve more than all. For the great woman you are, for your beautiful and true soul, for the heart you put into everything you do, for the giant dreams you have. I know that you will soon be back there, with the golden helmet, the profile of Bergamo drawn on the back, and your look of when you know there is none! You are destined for great things Sofi ». The declared goal of both.

The greeting, therefore, is «« I love you sister! ». From Olympic gold to Olympic gold, looking to china.

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