Naples, party with Mussolini’s cake in the headquarters of the Fourth Municipality

twelve o’clock, February 1, 2021 – 08:03

It was the farewell party of a municipal employee: the controversy explodes

The farewell party from the work of a municipal employee in Naples sparked controversy and indignant reactions. In fact, in his honor, a party was organized inside the Fourth municipality which includes the districts of San Lorenzo, Vicaria, Poggioreale and the industrial area, culminating in the cutting of a cake on which the face of Benito Mussolini was imprinted. To reveal what happened – after learning about the ceremony through posts and photos of the participants – were the presidents of the Italy-Israel Federation, Giuseppe Crimaldi, and of the Italy-Israel association of Naples, Amedeo Cortese. The author of the gift, a municipal councilor, has also reserved a special dedication to the celebrated, describing him, with the inscription on the cake, “a great man and a great dormitory”.

That someone wants to privately celebrate any event as they see fit. It is different – Crimaldi and Cortese underline – if the choice falls on an institutional site such as a Municipality. therefore incredible and leaves you speechless to see that the farewell ceremony to the service could have been organized and celebrated in one of those public offices in front of a cake depicting the face of Benito Mussolini. They made me – Nunzio Vitolo, the birthday boy, had written on Fb just before the controversy exploded – a surprise on the last day. Thanks to Enzo Morra, Municipal Council 4 and to those who collaborated with me. I didn’t want to get excited, but the emotion was there.

The ceremony took place in a branch of the Municipality, in the district of Gianturco, with – add Crimaldi and Cortese – dozens of people immortalized in front of the effigies of the Duce. A very serious episode on which it is essential to clarify: also because the seats of the institutions cannot be used for similar events. All the more so if this happens a few hours after the celebration of the Day of Remembrance which commemorated the millions of Jews exterminated in concentration camps.

From the representatives of Italy-Israel the request to start an internal investigation to clarify how it was possible that everything could have happened to us addressed to the mayor of Naples and the president of the Fourth Municipalit. The latter, Giampiero Perrella, took a stand saying that what happened in the municipal seat of Gianturco was unacceptable and deplorable, where someone saw fit to violate the sacrality of the democratic institution by celebrating a retirement party with a cake that recalls Benito Mussolini. Both I as president and my council distance ourselves and condemn an ‚Äč‚Äčoutrageous and unconstitutional gesture. We are even more regretful that everything happened a few steps from some symbolic places for the district and for the city of the Resistance to Nazi-Fascism and a few days from the Day of Remembrance which sees this municipal administration always committed to the front line to honor the innocent victims of the Shoah of which the Mussolini regime became complicit and guilty. Perrella announces that in the next few hours he intends to launch, together with the administrative management of the Municipality, an internal investigation to ascertain the facts and sanction those responsible. (source agencies)

February 1, 2021 | 08:03


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