Smart working for state officials? “Who wants to do it, but half the salary tied to the objectives” –

Smart working in the public administration has just been extended until the end of April. Not the first time that the duration of a work organization introduced in an emergency at the beginning of the pandemic and still in search of a stable structure has been extended. When Covid is finally under control, it will turn back. But not quite. For this reason, there are those who already imagine how smart working could work at full capacity. With proposals also of rupture, such as those advanced by the FLP, the Federation of public workers.

Our idea – explains the secretary general Mark Charlemagne – that smart working should tend to be free. Whoever wants does it, whoever does not want does not. Of course guaranteeing the right to disconnect, that is, not to always be in direct contact with the office via computer and telephone.

There is no risk of the lair freeing everyone, which is also run in the private sector but in the public one even more? No, on the contrary – Charlemagne replies – I am sure that the efficiency of the public administration would improve if this measure were accompanied by another. And which? 50% of the salary of all public employees must be linked to the results achieved.

Already today a part of the salary of public employees linked to objectives. S – explains the secretary of the FLP – but a very low part does not involve everyone. And practically everyone gets the most. Done like this is useless.

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