Electric cars, the Chinese Faw and Silk Ev invest a billion in the Motor Valley in Emilia- Corriere.it

Faw, the largest Chinese auto manufacturer with nearly 4 million vehicles sold, and Silk Ev, specializing in car engineering and design, have started the second phase of the collaboration launched last May and have confirmed an investment of over a billion euros in Emilia Romagna. In particular, the two companies have signed a joint venture for the design, engineering and production of high-end full electric and plug-in cars in the Motor Valley, the industrial district where some of the most famous automotive brands were born, such as Ferrari. , Maserati and Lamborghini. “Our vehicles will be able to combine an exciting, sustainable and unique driving experience with the use of cutting-edge technologies, leveraging a global ecosystem of top-tier partners and suppliers,” said Jonathan Krane, president by Silk Ev.

The car range will be designed and developed in the Motor Valley, where Silk Ev is headquartered, while full-scale production will take place in the Motor Valley and in Changchun, where Faw’s headquarters are located. Designer Walter De Silva will be Vp Styling and Design, responsible for the design of the new range of cars, which in China will be linked to the Hongqi brand, while in Italy and in the rest of the world the brand name is still being defined. “As part of the Belt & Road initiative, this joint venture represents an important milestone for the Chinese, Italian and global automotive industry”, said Xu Liuping, chairman and party secretary of Faw, underlining that for the group “a ‘ a unique opportunity to position the brand even more strongly as an automotive excellence in the province of Jilin and to get closer to the Italian Motor Valley, an integrated and engineered ecosystem on a global level ».

Where will the new factory be located? There are those who speak of Modena or Bologna, but Reggio Emilia would still be on the field. «In the Emilia region we are spoiled for choice, thanks to the districts that tell what the world“ motor valley ”is. We will decide very soon – replies the president of Emilia Romagna Stefano Bonaccini – we all have an interest in ensuring that the investment takes place as quickly as possible. From tomorrow morning, therefore, we will be working together with Krane and De Silva to identify the best solution, one that satisfies the institution, the territories and above all the investors, grappling with such an important project ».

Other territories in Europe contended for the investment with Emilia Romagna. The Councilor for Productive Activities of the Region, Vincenzo Colla, says: «We are proud that our“ motor valley ”is chosen. Joint ventures of this magnitude do not arrive by chance in one place and have already traveled the world, such as Oxford and Germany. We were able to bring the investment here for the competence, genius, design and beauty that distinguish this land, in its productive heart. There are many investments in the cost of labor around the world, while the investments of competence and ability in the “motor valley” make it unique in the world ».

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