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At what point are the consultations of President Fico?
Today, Tuesday 2 February, the decisive day. Roberto Fico, who has received an exploratory mandate from the Quirinale, must report by tonight on the state of health of the majority formed by M5S, Pd, Italia Viva, Leu and Maie-Democratic Center. The negotiations on the program got bogged down by Renzi’s vetoes and relaunches and the allies’ counter-prohibitions and stops.

Will there be a second round?
The program table with the group leaders of the parties meets again today to settle the latest disputes and in the afternoon Fico should open a second round of consultations in Montecitorio with the delegations of the majority forces. Tonight, if there is not a small extension, the third office of the state will go up to the Quirinale to report to Mattarella.

What are the parties arguing about?
The all-out confrontation-clash, from the billions of the Save-States fund for the pandemic (Mes), to the citizenship income. And there is also a dispute over the method. The Renzians are fighting for a written document, while the parties that focus on Conte premier want to leave a wider decision-making margin to the Italian lawyer.

Which ministers will change?
At risk Bonafede (Justice), Catalfo (Work), De Micheli (Transport and Infrastructure) … Renzi aims to bring two exponents of Italia Viva (Rosato and Boschi) into the government and to blow Gualtieri into the economy. But Zingaretti blinds him (Gualtieri is not touched), also on the strength of Mattarella’s recommendation during the consultations at the Quirinale: to safeguard the crucial ministries for the management of the Recovery plan and the pandemic.

Will Fico al Quirinale go with the name of Conte premier?
The Speaker of the House is proceeding step by step and for now the negotiation goes on. But there is still no agreement on Conte’s name. Movimento, Pd, Leu and those responsible have said yes for days, while the leader of Italia Viva has not decided. If Matteo Renzi vetoes, Conte will not be in charge. The senator of Rignano sull’Arno asked that work be done first on the programs and since the divisive themes are many and the agreement does not exist, two roads are kept open.

What are the two paths of Renzi?
The first accept the Count ter, but only with a strong discontinuity with respect to the first government of the Giallorossi majority. And therefore knows Mes (at least in part), via the prescription reform and the Minister of Justice Bonafede, via the extraordinary commissioner for the health emergency Arcuri. The second way is an institutional government, which Renzi would like to be chaired by Mario Draghi.

If Conte jumps, are the parties ready to support an institutional government? Not at the moment. For M5S, Pd, Leu and managers, the alternative to Conte is early voting. But the Quirinale made it clear that elections in full pandemic are not a viable path and, if it were to make a call to national responsibility, the position of the political forces would change. In the Democratic Party there are authoritative leaders such as Luigi Zanda who are convinced that, should the agreement for a political government prove impossible, the only way out of this dangerous stalemate would be a high-profile government.

Are there votes in Parliament for a premier indicated by President Mattarella?
A premier of the weight of Draghi could obtain the support of the Democratic Party, of Italia Viva, of part of the M5S, of Leu, of Forza Italia and of the centrist groups. The League could evaluate external support. But nothing for granted. To put it with the joke of a dem exponent of the government, the government of the best cannot be born in the Parliament of the worst.

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