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Emilio Carelli leaves the Five Stars. The deputy, one of the main big names who applied for the 2018 Politics with the Five Stars, decided after three years to stop his militancy in the M5S. «Not without inner suffering, I announce my departure from the parliamentary group of the 5Stelle Movement. In this way I say goodbye to a Movement that has lost its soul ”, explains Carelli. And he specifies: “My decision comes after a long reflection and an assessment of these almost three years spent in Parliament, during which I tried in every way to contribute to the growth and well-being of the country and to realize the founding values ​​of M5Stelle in which I still believe and recognize and which I continue to carry in my heart. Unfortunately, the final balance is not positive. Too many times I have witnessed bad choices that I have not shared, wrong and incompetent people in the wrong places that I have not shared. And every time I have tried to express my opinion, to bring a contribution corroborated by over 40 years of professional experience, I have remained unheard ».

The new adventure

“The sad spectacle of recent weeks has also contributed to my decision with the attempt to buy and sell individual parliamentarians from the opposition or minor groups for the sole purpose of guaranteeing the majority, however narrow, to a government that no longer had votes, but also the inadequacy of the recovery fund implementation plan », Carelli continues. «The M5Stelle represented for me a beautiful dream which I would have liked to have followed reality. Unfortunately this was not the case. While I enter the Mixed Group of the Chamber, I want to propose myself as an aggregator of a new “Centro – Popular Italiani” component, which could become a welcoming home for all colleagues who intend to leave the Movement but are afraid of being isolated, but also for those coming from other groups – he underlines -. It will be a moderate, center-right component, which wants to represent the first step towards the constitution of a new parliamentary group that I would like in harmony with the EPP, supporter of Europe, the defense of the environment, the business world and the protection of workers by putting the innovation and research at the heart of its initiatives. A political initiative that intends to give a voice to the whole moderate and liberal area that looks with distrust at extremism of all kinds and that requires concrete answers to real problems ».

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