immediately launch the tender of the company –

Italia Trasporti Aereo is in a hurry to take off and asks the commissioner of Alitalia to start the procedure for the sale of the airline’s assets as soon as possible. what we read in the note of the public newco – created to relaunch the Italian airline – at the conclusion of the last Board of Directors. In the board meeting – met under the chairmanship of Francesco Caio – the need also emerged to review some parts of the industrial plan presented last December 18, thus confirming what was anticipated by Corriere della Sera in recent days. An update of the business plan that could lead to an ITA with a more contained rate of development.

The start of operations

The chief executive officer-general manager Fabio Lazzerini, explains the official note from ITA, illustrated the operational structure, the assets necessary for the start of operations and, hoping for a quick start of the negotiations also with the extraordinary administration, the timing of the activities that have been planned and launched in order to start operating in the 2021 summer season of the IATA which in aviation starts at the end of March and ends in the last days of October. In short, the newco does not want to waste time and confirms that it wants to take off between April and June.

Do quickly

But this is a goal – specifies the public company – which implies a rapid determination of the disposal process by the extraordinary administration. In short, the Alitalia commissioner Giuseppe Leogrande must take action as soon as possible with the publication of a notice that does not go against EU rules. This is why the ITA Board of Directors expresses concern, in line with the letter sent by the top management to the extraordinary administration, about the timing of implementation of the sales procedures, hoping for a very rapid and no longer postponable start of the same. This is a delicate phase for the future of Alitalia, which entered extraordinary administration on May 2, 2017. Not only Italy Transport is looking at some assets of the Italian airline, but also low-cost rivals such as Ryanair, which has expressed interest in slots in Milan Linate and Rome Fiumicino.

Plan to be reviewed

During the meeting of the Board of Directors of Italy Air Transport, if on the one hand the strategy and the main axes of the industrial plan were confirmed, on the other hand there was a discussion on the opportunity to reflect in the operational planning of the next quarters, the latest and greatest updated air traffic projections affected by the effects of the second wave of Covid, with new movement restrictions, and the delays in vaccination campaigns. A passage from the press release confirming the advances of the Courier service on a corrective maneuver in light of the progression of the pandemic: in all probability the numbers of the start-up phase will be revised downwards.

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