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At 9:05 am the Speaker of the House Roberto Fico he meets in the Sala della Lupa with the group leaders of Pd, LeU, M5S, Maie-Europeista-Democratic Center, Per le Autonomie. The faces of the protagonists are tired from a negotiation that goes on to the bitter end without seeing an outlet. It begins. The topic of discussion of the day is justice, a very divisive dossier. It is no coincidence that Matteo Renzi not only asks for the prescription reform but also for a new minister, as long as Alfonso Bonafede is changed. The table extended today to experts parties on the matter. There are indeed Pietro Grasso for LeU, Andrea Orlando for the Democratic Party, Vittorio Ferraresi for the Five Stars and Julia Unterberger. In the first round of the table, the reform of the criminal and civil process is discussed overall. And then also the famous prescription. What is the attitude of the Renzians? One of the participants comes out: The problem is not this table but the other where the organization charts are decided.

All 10:53 goes out Maria Elena Boschi, dressed in black. The Italia Viva group leader answers the chroniclers’ questions with a laconic: Let’s continue. I have to go to the office. Meanwhile he looks out into the corridor Ettore Licheri, leader of the senators of the M5S, and begins to speak intensely with the staff of the Five Stars.

All 11:10 10 minute coffee break. Everyone goes to the offices of the parliamentary groups. Explain Bruno Tabacci who says he is optimistic: A positive examination was made on the subject of justice. Self the bill on the criminal trial will not come approved within one year, at that point you will have to review the current prescription formula. We can call it Orlando mud. There was an opening of the cinquestelle. From Italy alive (who at first had suspended the trial) shortly after comes the rejection: We do not share the Orlando award: there is no agreement on the statute of limitations and on the criminal trial they let know.

We are looking at the divisive points. But we always remain in a position of limbo: the program cannot be separated from the president in charge, he says Loredana De Petris. Probably the work will go on beyond 13, at least until 15, warn.

The last to come back from the coffee break are really the group leaders of Italia viva. Who prefer not to speak to reporters. Detail: at 13:30 Renzi reunite the parliamentary groups. Meanwhile the table on the program restarts. Now the political forces are examining the fourth point concerning culture, education and research. From the Democratic Party it transpires albeit that something is moving. Will it be true? in the meantime Andrea Orlando leaves the Chamber. Perhaps directed to the other table, that of the negotiations on the structure of the government team.

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