Maria Elena Boschi the minister of everything. After the quarrel with Renzi, he is in every scenario –

At 9 in the morning it seems certain that Meb will be the new Minister of Defense (Sunday, at this time, it was safe for the Economy. So don’t give us the title and, above all, don’t tell Roberta Pinotti, on the phone with Zingaretti and begins to yell at him that then the Democratic Party doesn’t really matter anymore, we are all prisoners of Renzi, of Italia Viva, etc. etc.).
Okay: but where ‘Meb?
Here she is Meb.
Maria Elena Boschi (Meb the acronym with which those of her small court affectionately call her) delicately moves the velvet awnings, walks through the entrance hall of Montecitorio and even today, even now in the morning light, we all notice that she is dressed in black.
Black suit, black shirt, black mask. Suddenly, always like this, since the beginning of the crisis (the reporters live in details, it would seem curious even if Pier Ferdinando Casini began to wear white; and after all we told the orange jackets of Roberto Formigoni and the electric red suits of Sergio Battelli leading the House Budget Committee and – also – a rock band: the Red Lips).

Meb dressed in black and does not speak. Two certainties, in these troubled days, amidst many uncertainties, rumors, promises, ambitions. Including yours. Because Meb would like so much to return to Palazzo Chigi. Two laps were not enough for him, first at the helm of the Constitutional Reforms, then as Undersecretary to the Presidency: the truth is that when you touch real power, you manage it, you are recognized, then you like it (and you forget the solemn promises: If we lose the referendum , I’m leaving politics, he told Lucia Annunziata on May 22, 2016, a guest of In 1/2 hour).
Let’s be clear: Meb would not have wanted this crisis. Or rather: he would not have wanted it that way. He imagined it less twisted, dirty, dangerous. The idea was: a reshuffle, I take a good ministry, I go up to the Quirinale, I swear, and off we go. At first Renzi even seemed to agree; only then when Renzi leaves he doesn’t stop him, winning doesn’t enjoy him, he likes to win big, he gets excited in a fight, and then the crisis precipitated into the deepest darkness.
And she, with Matteo, had a fight.
If they are really said.

At one point the news also circulated that Meb was so angry that she considered leaving the party, she gave up leading the group here in the Chamber and went off with the leaders. Half of Italy alive immediately went into panic. On the other hand, the party stuck in the polls at 2.5% and many MPs confess that they now observe the moves of the leader with growing concern: they never understand what exactly he has in mind, and his reassurances – Trust me. Don’t you trust me? How would it be? – have the sound of a mournful mantra.
In the end, Meb had to dictate a statement to theAnsa, with cunning wording: Rest with Iv. Absurd news that cannot even be denied.
Perhaps, in retrospect, she was right. If you turn on the blender, then, boh. Especially if you want to go back to being a minister, but not just any minister. In the last few hours, backstage after backstage, Meb has been approached to many, too many departments. A widespread feeling within the party: its name – very cumbersome, but certainly the only one with an autonomous political weight and a queue of militants / fans – is sometimes also used to provoke and set fire to.

They spread the word: Woods to Justice. And immediately you hear the hard and pure howl of Alessandro Di Battista: But investigated in the Open affair! Guys, no, I say: we are talking about illicit financing …. On Saturday they made it go to Infrastructure, for a few hours later – via WhatsApp – here it is at Economic Development, replacing the 5-Star Patuanelli: Oh, bellini, qui c ‘to check the Recovery too, huh (the text of the message).
Meb to grillini makes bubbles come.
But Meb i grillini ignores them.
He also removed the greeting to certain former colleagues of the Democratic Party. When he sees Luca Lotti from afar, he takes his cell phone and pretends to make a phone call. Of the old group of Renzian turbos remained friends only with Francesco Bonifazi, who is still in the Senate: and then Bonifazi always so taken by his poodles, by Rolexes, respectable passions, but hardly reconcilable with politics, which requires concentration, tenacity, cynicism.
Here, in fact: Meb’s gaze is worth an editorial on this government crisis. His eyes are radar. Where’s the danger? Who is my friend? The mask hides sighs of annoyance: would you like to interview me to ask me what?
Everyone around is trying to reassure her: but of course, you deserve it, you will surely have an important ministry (there, mute, Teresa Bellanova: who is beginning to have the terrible suspicion of having resigned to make room for her, in Meb).

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