Messi, the “anti-independence” clause of Catalonia- also appears in the contract

Special clauses

The astronomical figure is now known: 555 million euros gross in four years, over half a billion euros. The joke more than known: there is also a second installment of 39 million euros of the “loyalty bonus” that it will have to be welded to Pulce no later than July 15th. All “regardless of whether he is gone or not.” But now we discover some very special terms of the agreement. From the prohibition to ride a motorbike (and even a jet ski) to not being able to bet up to that of playing in the role that the coach decides (which in this way seems an obviousness that should not be contained in any contract).

Barcelona and the independence of Catalonia

Are you finished? Not at all. There are some specifics concerning Messi and Catalonia. After all, the Argentine is an acquired Catalan, having landed at Barcelona at the age of 13, in 2000. According to «El Mundo», Lionel is committed to «making the utmost efforts to integrate into Catalan society, respecting and assuming its cultural values ​​and working especially for language learning, a fundamental vehicle for this integration ». In essence, Messi must be a true Catalan. Starting from the idiom. Although here there is another curiosity, which comes from the sports newspaper “Mundo Deportivo”: this is a clause that applies to all new players who land on the planet Barcelona. However, for Messi there is something more precisely. It dates back to 2017 when there was the referendum on Catalan independence. Lionel’s feared father, Jorge Horacio, had insisted on inserting an apostille in the event of the region’s secession from Spain. This is not a real “anti-independence” clause, but only that Barça – in the event of the separation of Catalonia from Spain – had to continue playing in the Spanish Liga or in another league top in Europa. On the contrary, if the Blaugrana had stayed to play in a Catalan league, Messi would have freed himself for free. At the time, the danger had been averted. Which will not happen next June 30, when, at the expiration of the contract, the Flea will surely say goodbye.

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