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Among the companies that one day LeBron James will be able to tell his grandchildren is now also that of having got two Atlanta Hawks fans expelled who had distinguished themselves by using unsophisticated phrases towards the Chosen One. In reality, the people eventually kindly chased away by the stewards are four, one of whom is the very wealthy 60-year-old husband of the more heated of the two girls, a showy 25 year old girl named Juliana Campos.

Open doors

The State Farm Arena, home of the Hawks and from this season also of our Danilo Gallinari, who landed in the Georgia franchise, one of those who reopened their doors to a minimum number of fans: 1700 at most, less than 10% of the total system capacity, the former Omni dei Falchi of yore and also the place where the Italy of volleyball at the 1996 Games left Olympic gold to the Dutch. Reopen a message that is first of all linked to the desire to restart after the infernal months of all closed and watch out for the virus. But in this formula and in these numbers there is also one thing that creates disadvantages: for example, what you say feels great. Insults included.

Insults and revenge

so that LBJ, seeing that blonde squirming and squawking at her address with her friend, he was annoyed and, without getting too upset, he decided to intervene and to report the situation to the referees. The game was interrupted and the security intervened to proceed with the expulsion of the troublemakers (even Juliana’s husband was not joking; she, overturning the omelet, instead said she had intervened in his defense). So LeBron took the best revenge he could imagine: triple on the siren and one point win by the Los Angeles Lakers, important for the duel with fellow citizens of the Clippers and with the very launched Utah Jazz at the top of the Western Conference.

Without mask

In the post-game there was almost more talk – inevitably, we add – of the crime than of the match itself. The Chosen One with the press was like usual diplomat and he pointed out how he wanted the public (maybe, however, he expected it to be less turbulent …): At the end of everything I am very happy that the fans are slowly returning to the arena: I really miss the opportunity to interact with them. As a player, as an agonist, I feel the need to compare myself with those who are watching the game. But her partner Anthony Davis didn’t see it the same way: it was crazy, crazy, at least seen from the outside. We know that every now and then these caz … happen. Coach Frank Vogel, on the other hand, beat Juliana-la-showy for another thing: he was not wearing a mask. What matters is safety, the people in the stands must learn to respect the rules, said the coach of the NBA champions.

The social follow-up

In any case, the story does not end on the pitch. In fact, there was a sort of third half – not in the name of fair play, as in rugby – because Campos has posted a series of videos full of offenses and profanities on its social channels. In this way she thought about defending her husband and protesting the expulsion from the State Farm Arena. So he also got a personal basket from LeBron, who on Twitter he used a nickname of these viral times in the US: Courtside Karen. Explanation: Karen in US slang is a woman (white skinned) who makes public scenes without merit. Courtside Karen was MAD MAD !!, wrote LBJ. Crazy out of her mind. Eye, though: if most of James’s interlocutors – teammates but also opponents – supported his thoughts, not least those who, seeing the attractiveness of the woman, put some likes on her photos. The result is that Juliana Campos has not lost the battle of the web and, indeed, has perhaps won it. We bet that advertising was his unspeakable goal.

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