“There are claims that can be rejected. Our leaders on Renzi? They pretend nothing has happened »- Corriere.it

Senator Crucioli, is among the irreducible anti-Renzi. It is opposed to a return in the majority of living Italy, but it seems to be going in this direction …
«I am not at all“ anti-Irenzian ”, if anything I am very distant from some political positions of living Italy and of the political leader of that party. I am aware that to govern it is necessary to compromise (as we learned first with the League and then with the Democratic Party), but it is not certain that some compromises must necessarily be accepted: if Iv claims to raise the bar above the limit of public interest, it will be necessary to say no and defer to the President of the Republic to draw the consequences ».

Matteo Renzi said he hopes there will be an executive by the end of the week …
«I agree with him, it is essential to hurry. The crisis he has caused is paralyzing democratic institutions at the least opportune moment ».

Will you give your vote of confidence in the Chamber?
“It will depend on the government program and on the men chosen to oversee this program.”

What are the points on which the M5S should not give in? And on which ministers?
«On a justice that does not differentiate between rich and poor, between powerful and poor devils. On massive investments in public and non-private education and health. On a vigilant and critical attitude on European austerity economic policies. I would like to insist a lot on this last point, because I fear that many of those who count in the majority parties are deluding themselves about the so-called “change of pace” in Europe. I am afraid, in fact, that as soon as the crisis is over we will be presented with the bill ».

How do you judge the attitude of the leaders?
“Bad. It is not possible to scream hysterically “never again with Renzi” and then pretend nothing has happened. The credibility of the M5S is at stake ».

On Sunday you “frondists” met: did you decide on a common line?
«There are always many meetings of confrontation between parliamentarians and I consider it my duty to always participate. I am not interested in whether these meetings are defined as a “branch”. “

There are those who argue that in the end the branch will deflate because those who vote against the trust of an M5S government are expelled.
«I’ll tell you an anecdote. My group leader, Ettore Licheri, let me know that the “dossier” relating to my votes in dissent from the group (the latest on the Mes) is on his desk and that it is up to him to initiate disciplinary proceedings or not. I replied to make the assessments that belong to him and to hurry up to proceed in one direction or another, to allow me to defend myself in all possible places ».

And what happened?
“Almost two months have passed and everything is still silent. This is to tell you how much I fear being expelled for votes that must be oriented exclusively to the good of fellow citizens and matured in science and conscience following the principles and programs with which we presented ourselves in the elections. Rather, I hope that there will be no need for any branches because our delegates at the negotiating table will be able to live up to our expectations and those of the Italians ».

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