Totoministri, there is also the Conte share. Italia Viva aims at four ministries –

ROMA The game still has to be played and from today we get to the heart. At the beginning of the table, admitted and not granted that Count ter really starts, the Movement asks for the reconfirmation of its ministers (but almost impossible), the Democratic Party would like to increase its team by at least one (Andrea Orlando) leaving as much as possible unchanged the other names, starting with Roberto Gualtieri in Economics. Italia viva asks for four ministries. Point of fall could be to assign him a ministry connected to the Recovery plan (Mise or Infrastructures, to Maria Elena Boschi), Work or Interior, University and Agriculture (Elena Bonetti). Ready to enter the field Ettore Rosato and Teresa Bellanova. Not excluding two deputy premier, Luigi Di Maio and Orlando.

Double sacrifice for the Movement

The 5 Stars risk losing some important boxes. the sacrifice of Alfonso Bonafede (Justice) and Nunzia Catalfo (Lavoro, replaced by Debora Serracchiani or Andrea Marcucci) is very likely. At that point it would be impossible for the Movement to lose another key ministry like that of the School. Despite the criticisms, Lucia Azzolina could keep the post. The other changes could be dictated by internal balances, with the entry of Stefano Buffagni and the transfer of Stefano Patuanelli (who aspires to MIT) in the place of Riccardo Fraccaro (which Conte and M5S still want to preserve and who could be entrusted with a minor ministry).

Benassi stays, Arcuri returns

There is a new share to consider: the Conte share. In the sense that the prime minister, who is afraid of being weakened, would like to preserve some boxes with trusted men. One of these Mario Turco, undersecretary at Palazzo Chigi, Contiano, active in the search for those responsible and from Taranto: for him the premier would like the post of minister of the South, a ministry that will become important in managing the funds of the Recovery. Another man that Conte wants to keep Pietro Benassi with him, from whom Renzi asks to remove the delegation from the Services. If the third Contiano, Domenico Arcuri, were forced to leave the post of Commissioner, he could find a place in a ministry (perhaps at the Mise). As for those responsible, if it were not Bruno Tabacci to the Family, the Argentine Ricardo Merlo could be promoted.

Gualtieri solid in the economy

A heavy Renzian says: Are you ministries? But no, we just need one: the Economy. the central government ministry, the most coveted. Matteo Renzi started the attack for some time and also the Democratic Party suffered what seemed an all too solid axis between Roberto Gualtieri and Giuseppe Conte. But there are many reasons why Gualtieri could remain in his place. First of all because the Quirinale would like to maintain a continuity rate in key roles, to reassure markets and Europe. Then because the Democratic Party returned to strongly defend Gualtieri. Confindustria’s number one, Carlo Bonomi, also lined up with him. Some circles had made his name as a possible replacement for the former general manager of the Bank of Italy, Fabio Panetta. But one of his candidacies for the Mef is implausible because at this moment he holds a delicate and important position, given that the Italian representative who sits on the executive council of the ECB, after the exit of Mario Draghi. Among the alternative candidates are Ernesto Maria Ruffini, director of the Revenue Agency, and Roberto Cingolani, who sits on Leonardo’s board.

Cartabia on pole for Justice

The 5 Stars, at the beginning, will make the barricades to defend it. But it will not last long, because Alfonso Bonafede is considered one of the weakest ministers.
Its management was tolerated by the Democratic Party and openly opposed by Italy alive. Arriving on the basis of the movement’s passion for execution, he ran aground on the prescription and ended up leaving the situation of prisons to his fate. His relationship was the spark of Count Two’s crisis. As happened for the Interior, with the decantation of the controversies triggered by Matteo Salvini with Luciana Lamorgese, a technician could also arrive here to lower the tension. The most accredited is the former president of the Constitutional Court Marta Cartabia. But the 5 Stars really like the former minister Paola Severino, author of the law on incandidability. There could be a political solution only in the event that the Democratic Party decided to field two big shots: Andrea Orlando (his would be a return), who is more likely to the environment; and Dario Franceschini. A lawyer, a strong executive, he could be a peacemaker minister and expand an already rich curriculum.

Infrastructures, the Patuanelli temptation

In the early 2000s, after the Bassanini law, the Ministry of Public Works was unified with Transport and MIT was born. Now there could be the reverse process and Infrastructure could separate from Transport. Because one more ministry, in Cencelli’s game, is always needed. And because the Infrastructures, with the rain of billions from the Recovery Fund, become central. This is why one of the most requested ministries in Italy alive. Here could come Maria Elena Boschi or Ettore Rosato. Because Iv asked for a spending ministry, and not being able to have the Economy, it must be satisfied with the Infrastructures or the Mise. But the 5 Stars could also be felt, because having to give up several important ministries, from Justice to Labor, and having little space in the Recovery (managed by the Economy and by a possible minister or dedicated undersecretary) they might want to take over from Paola De Micheli. The most accredited is Stefano Buffagni, former Deputy Minister for Economic Development. But Stefano Patuanelli could go to the Transport (Graziano Delrio swears he doesn’t want to be a minister).

Lamorgese resists the Interior

Luciana Lamorgese a technical minister, who enjoys the trust of Conte and the Quirinale. The fact remains that it is one of the most coveted ministries in negotiations. The temptation to pass from a technical minister to a political one, after the parenthesis that was necessary after the management of Matteo Salvini. Italia viva would like one of the ministries connected with the State, Interior and Defense apparatuses. In the running there is Ettore Rosato. But Lorenzo Guerini, who enjoys transversal esteem, could also come from the defense. Another possible candidate for the Democratic Party is Roberta Pinotti, who was Minister of Defense in the Renzi and Gentiloni governments. But the strongest suggestion, and at the same time the least probable, is the candidacy of Vito Crimi. A self-nomination, apparently, which is also viewed with undisguised annoyance by one part of the Movement, given that the for the time (so to speak, now, since he has been doing it since time immemorial) he is conducting the negotiations in first person. If he does not succeed, as it seems, the big coup of the Interior Ministry, he could still try to conquer another role as minister.

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