Walter Zenga, his children and the villa in the Marche region, the mysterious check and his wife –

A separation that does not exist, a mysterious check, a mega villa in the Marche. When they say a never ending story, and a consequent media storm, here’s a pretty big one. the one that has involved Walter Zenga for a few weeks and that shows no sign of abating. After being a guest at Big Brother Vip, where he met one of his five children, Andrea, the former great goalkeeper of Inter and the national team who returned to TV on Sunday evening at Non la D’Ursoe, and told other truths about himself on relationships with children. The real scoop, however, he gave him about his current wife, the third: I am in no way separate from Raluca (Rebedea, married in 2005, ed). I had posted a post which was then removed after eight hours. It seems like the festival of the godfather and I don’t think it’s the case… However, I would never put something bad towards my children on social media. Whatever relationship there is a father always defends his children. Yet, on 8 October 2020, Walter Zenga had announced the divorce with an exit that had caused quite a bit of controversy due to the ugly sexist aftertaste: The freedom I have always given to Raluca backfires.

But it doesn’t stop there. In these last hours the rumor has circulated on social media that Zenga, three years ago, has paid in total 60 thousand euros (30 thousand to Andrea and 30 thousand to Nicol) upon decision of the court of Ancona after being sued by his second wife Roberta Termali: the mother of Andrea and Nicol (the two children now on a war footing with their father) would have asked for Istat adjustment of the maintenance allowance since 2001. Zenga referred to Termali on TV on Sunday talking about a mysterious message that the woman would send him shortly before he took part in the program.

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