Zlatan Ibrahimovic and the profits of his Cirooo, a company created with the former teammates of Paris Saint Germain- Corriere.it

If there is a penalty he pulls it, if there is to discuss on the pitch he does not hold back, not even in training he pulls back, if there is a testimonial of the Lombardy Region he on the skyscraper, if there is a sportsman who is a symbol of Sanremo always him . Then the budget meeting of (his) Milanese company was called in which he put a few million and Zlatan Ibrahimovic who sent us? One of your accountants? No: I’ll take care of it – he said – I shoot … I’m sorry I preside.

Via della Spiga

So he, one and three, showed up at 4 pm on 17 December in via della Spiga 1 in Milan. The administrator Mr. Zlatan Ibrahimovic – reads, just deposited, one of the very rare company minutes signed by a center forward – who notes that (…) the company structure is so present: Salvatore Sirigu 14%, Maxwell Scherrer Cabelino Andrade 14%, Marco Verratti 14% ( all represented by a professional, ed), Zlatan Ibrahimovic 58% (present on his own). The company is called Cirooo srl.

The investment and the profit

I know that Ibra and some former Paris Saint Germain teammates, including Italian national team players Verratti and Sirigu, created it four years ago to invest in the Carlyle Strategic Partners IV LP fund. In 2019 they made 266 thousand euros of profit. The previous year, when Ibra was still American and for convenience organized the meeting of the Milanese company in Beverly Hills-Los Angeles, the profit had been about one third. The chairman – we read again – begins the reading of the financial statements and the explanatory notes at 31/12/2019, illustrating in detail the most significant components of the income statement and balance sheet with the appropriate clarifications requested …. a standard formula but it is known that the champion of football is perfectly at ease even in the guise of a businessman and vice versa. On the occasion, among other things, he was free from sports commitments due to an injury.

Commitment of 8 million

The investment in the private equity fund of Carlyle, the large American asset management group, is paying off judging by the balance sheet items. Ibrahimovic and his teammates have invested a couple of million so far but have committed themselves for 8 million dollars of which the Milan champion (who has a net salary of 7 million euros) will pay a total of 4.6. The fund has hundreds of subscribers, mostly wealthy individuals or institutions, and aims to enhance capital by entering companies in crisis to revive them and then resell the shareholding.

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