Conte played badly, he is not a politician and it shows-

I know that in the Democratic Party and within the 5 Stars there is a certain turmoil, for when tomorrow (today for the reader, ed) Sergio Mattarella will make a government of the president, giving the task to a personality like Mario Draghi, which of them will ever say no to him ?: in the evening Matteo Renzi tired but satisfied, with his small patrol of parliamentarians and two percent in the polls he got where he wanted to go. To a government supported by an Ursula majority (that is, with Forza Italia inside) which perhaps also relies on the abstention of the League. And he confesses to his followers: You can see that Conte is not a politician because he played the game badly from the beginning, he tried the showdown without being sure he could win it.

The leader of Italia viva had this plan from the beginning, convinced that another Conte government would not be up to the challenges that the country will have to face. His allies portray him as impetuous, they say he got carried away, that his character flaws have prevailed. Since yesterday morning, pursuing his goal, the former premier was pressing on Forza Italia and the Lega: You must convince Salvini to say today that if there is Draghi he abstains, otherwise Mattarella will not give him the job.

For this purpose Renzi then spoke with Silvio Berlusconi and with the same leader of the League. He already knew that Pd and 5 Stelle would not have given him much at the negotiating table for Count ter and he had no desire to get set up. To his parliamentary groups, gathered in the morning, he told it like this: The negotiations are not going well, there is no progress, they want to convey the image of me always saying no to everything. But I am amazed by their attitude, because they do not accept any real mediation, they think that everything will be resolved by offering me three ministries and three undersecretariats.

At half past three in the afternoon Renzi announced to the loyalists: I am not closing the deal. How can you say that a new government if the Prime Minister, the Minister of Economy and the Minister of Foreign Affairs are the same?. Meanwhile at the table of the program, for Italia viva it was going from bad to worse: They are not granting anything, it cannot be accepted, Renzi said to his employees in that meeting.

Later in the afternoon, the news broke about the agencies that Emilio Carelli was leaving the Cinque Stelle to go to the Mixed Market, convinced that others will follow him. Conte loses pieces, was the comment of the leader of Italia viva. A few hours later, having spoken with Roberto Fico and having participated in a call with Dario Franceschini, Vito Crimi and Roberto Speranza, Renzi decreed the premature death of Count ter: Now I am waiting for the President of the Chamber to say that the exploration has failed and that Mattarella give the job to Draghi.

Then he told the loyalists about the outcome of those interviews: The clash over the contents was very high. On the Mes, on justice, on everything. And obviously also on the names. Crimi said they did not intend to give up on Bonafede and Azzolina, so a no to Bonetti at the school and a slap in the face to us on Bonafede. He said they could only drop Catalfo, as long as we didn’t wear Bellanova. There seems to be a veto by the CGIL. As if that were not enough, Riccardo Fraccaro and Andrea Orlando vice premier proposed us. Let’s face it, they’re the ones who don’t want the deal. They basically said no to me about everything.

At night Renzi kept beating the phone and saying to his parliamentarians: Now everything in the hands of Mattarella, so let’s rely on his wisdom. Then in the restricted chat, that of the ultra-faithful, he took the whim of writing: As I said, after Conte’s resignation? Us against the rest of the world one to zero? Well, now we are three to zero ….

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