Michael Jordan loses 300 million in one year (and GameStop also has something to do with it) – Corriere.it

It risks having repercussions on the empire of Michael Jordan, albeit indirectly, the financial battle that broke out over the GameStop title. In the clash between the traders of Reddit and the hedge funds the latter would have lost, only on the title of the video game store chain, approx 19.75 billion dollars. If the former Chicago Bulls champion is not involved in the small investor battle with the financial establishment, instead his partners at the Charlotte Hornets Gabe Plotkin and Daniel Sundheim are.

So Plotkin and Sundheim, according to reports from various US media, would be in great economic difficulty they may be forced to sell their shares in the Hornets. MJ would be considering all the options on the table, including that of find new partners. Also because 2020 was a complicated year for him too.

His Airness would indeed lost only in the past twelve months over 300 million of dollars, out of a total assets of over two billion, due to the consequences generated by Covid. However, this did not stop him from donating the entire proceeds of his participation in the docu-series The Last Dance to charity, for an estimated amount of between three and four million dollars. The project’s additional earnings, another two million, he donated to Feeding America and its food bank in North and South Carolina and Chicago to help feed the hungry. And these are just the latest of the many charitable initiatives that Jordan has become the protagonist of over the years (following the death of George Floyd, for example, he announced that he wanted to donate 100 million over ten years to social justice groups to fight racism and inequalities). Now, however, he may be forced to seek out new partners for his Charlotte Hornets.

February 3, 2021 (change February 3, 2021 | 20:15)


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