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The confusion due to the lack of an agreement, the anger towards Vito Crimi, the doubts about the institutional government: the Five Stars are inevitably torn apart after the black smoke of the exploratory mandate entrusted to Roberto Fico. The parliamentarians have been in fibrillation since the morning, when they continue to filter with greater insistence the rumors of a failure of the confrontation table between the forces of the majority. But only in the afternoon – when the obvious slowdown – a tam tam of messages explodes between the groups. To prevail the anger for how the negotiation was managed by Vito Crimi, the complaints even come from the chat of the M5S government men: the regent is accused of not having given a communication line. The parliamentarians, on the other hand, complain about the lack of information sharing and the strenuous defense of the outgoing team of ministers. How do you propose Fraccaro as deputy premier ?, attacks a deputy. We swallowed a prescription and Boschi as a minister just to save DJ Fof (Alfonso Bonafede, ed), comment with bitterness in the Movement.

But closing the table is the flywheel also to open another discussion: that on a possible vote of confidence in the institutional government ventilated by Sergio Mattarella. The group both at Montecitorio and at Palazzo Madama is nothing short of split. There is talk of dozens of parliamentarians (there are also those who say over a hundred) against. And precisely any defections to the Senate risk having a considerable weight. No trust in a technical government or a government of all within, says Luigi Gallo. We are ready to vote, Senator Laura Bottici writes on Twitter. Our support is not taken for granted, comments a source. There are also those who propose – as in previous governments – a consultation of the base on Rousseau. We want to see who he is and what he has in mind to do, the line that seems to prevail in these hectic hours.

The name that has been bouncing around for weeks on the media that of Mario Draghi: a name that is not shared by a good part of the Five Stars. It is no coincidence that Alessandro Di Battista – at the hour when the head of state speaks – takes a stand against the former ECB number one. Repetita iuvant …, writes the exponent M5S posting an article of his on August 31, published on But, in which Draghi labeled as the apostle of quarrels. In 2011 Monti. Today Draghi. I will not govern with my vote. I’m sorry, Elio Lannutti comments.

There is not only the unknown factor of institutional governmentand to peep into the speeches of the pentastellati. Late in the evening, after Mattarella’s words, there are those who still do not give up and hope for a political pact at the last minute: Let’s reset everything and start again. The idea is gaining ground that the Movement can rebuild a solid majority from scratch with new balances. The fate of Giuseppe Conte marked and a good part of the M5S troop rejected the hypothesis of sacrificing himself on the altar of the vote. We can try the last card.

On a day marked by worries, the news of Emilio Carelli’s farewell to the Movement arrives like a bolt from the blue. The tear accompanied by controversy, recriminations and poisons. Several parliamentarians stress the timing of the announcement, with the political barometer already geared towards a technical executive. Emilio has always behaved like a gentleman, even in this case we pay the attitude of those who did not protect him. As for his candidacy at Agcom, says a leading source. He had a post as an undersecretary in his pocket, replies another big name. Carelli announces that he wants to act as an aggregator for a moderate center-right force. I didn’t know we had a moderate center-right soul! Of course it is I who am wrong, writes Nicola Morra. Meanwhile, after Carelli’s farewell, rumors about other defections in the two branches of Parliament are making their way. Among the names, that of the Venetian senator Orietta Vanin appears.

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