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There is a particular situation, it is useless to hide it. We started with a project, which stopped in August. Antonio Conte, as usual, a clear voice that without mincing words goes straight to the heart of the problem. Suning’s negotiations with some funds for the sale of part or all of the club inevitably affect Inter and the stability of the team. The message arrived after the defeat of the Italian Cup with Juventus, not an alibi, rather a fact.

Uncertainties about the future

The Nerazzurri club has been living for more than a month waiting to know its future and, above all, to have an answer to a question: is Suning going or staying? To date it has not been understood. The group headed by the Zhang family engaged in negotiations and, after the one currently stranded with BC Partners, talks continue with other funds: Ares, Eqt, Fortress. There should be some news by February, meanwhile the Nerazzurri season goes on and difficulties surface.

The stop in August

Conte did not refer by chance to August. Just in the last days of summer, after the defeat of Europa League, there was the summit of Villa Bellini. There, President Steven Zhang formalized a slowdown, better to say a stop to investments. The summer market of Inter was in fact at zero euros, the deal Judge (40 million) had already been closed before and the player’s first installment will be paid by 31 March, thanks also to the agreement reached by the Inter management with Real Madrid.

After the close of the 2019-20 season, Inter have spent 1 million for Kolarov and hired Sanchez e Vidal, both of which are zero parameters. Before he had invested a lot it must be recognized: Lukaku, Barella, Sensi, Eriksen, in short, the effort on the part of the property had been there in the past years. Everything has changed since August, the pandemic is a determining factor, not the only one. Suning’s line is clear which, like many other clubs, not all to tell the truth, has paid the price of the global slowdown in the economy, of a reversal of the Chinese government’s trend towards football and heavy debts: the last The Nerazzurri’s balance sheet closed with over 100 million in liabilities, the next one will not be plain sailing.

The impact on the team

The stopped project, as Conte said, lies precisely in the downsizing, in not being able to spend any more. After the summer market dish arrived on the last of January, with zero purchases. The possible Dzeko-Sanchez exchange, which was skipped for various reasons, highlighted the difficulties of the company that did not have the possibility to spend even 2-3 million to secure a player with Dzeko. The financial crisis has affected the club not only on the market, it has also impacted on salaries.

Inter paid their due until October, for the months of November and December they reached an agreement to postpone the payment to the end of May. We need to see what will happen with the months of January and February, expiring at the end of March: these could also be postponed to May. It is clear that such a complex situation from a management point of view cannot fail to impact the team, in any case second in the standings, although it has already been eliminated from the European cups and now also sees the Italian Cup at risk, after the internal knockout with Juventus. Conte, in his second year with Inter, acts as a lightning rod and tries to keep the team safe and away from the rumors about the property. The task is not easy and winning in a similar situation is even less so.

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