Carlo Mazzone lands on social media at 83 (with the help of his nephew) –

Never say never, one would say. So came the day of the social baptism of Carletto Mazzone, who will turn 84 on March 19. The Roman coach – who in his career has coached Ascoli, Fiorentina, Catanzaro, Bologna, Lecce, Pescara, Cagliari, Rome, Naples, Perugia, Brescia and Livorno – with the help of his nephew in the past few hours he posted the first photos.

One from when he was at Ascoli many years ago, two from the family (Christmas 2020, a hug to everyone and the beauty of being a grandfather and great-grandfather) and two videos by Francesco Totti (with whom he had a bond almost like father and son , as the former Giallorossi captain has always reiterated) and Pep Guardiola, which he coached in Brescia together with Roberto Baggio and many other champions (including Andrea Pirlo): he was the strongest of all. a decent person who deserves the best. I will never forget how much he helped me in a difficult moment of my career, when I arrived in Brescia, the Catalan coach always said, today at Manchester City.

Mazzone's race under the curve (Ansa)
Mazzone’s race under the curve (Ansa)

Mazzone all remembers, among other things, that frenetic race under the Rigamonti guest curve in the derby between Brescia and Atalanta (30 September 2001) and that sentence on 2-3 (Se famo er third I come under the curve) passed to history and still today seen and reviewed in video on the web. Now his fans will be able to follow him via social media.

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