fan wins 5,700 euros and buys a newspaper page to make fun of him –

If the fact that he lost to Brighton, in his first home win of the season, wasn’t enough of a cause for anger for Jos Mourinho, reading the Enfield Independent certainly added another, because in the newspaper that covers the north London the Tottenham manager found us a whole page of mockery of him. The 29-year-old designed the paper joke Sahil Arora, an Indian Manchester United fan, who from New Delhi – where he runs his clothing company – bought advertising space to thank Mou for the defeat, which earned him a £ 5,000 (€ 5,700) win at Fantasy5. Dear Jos, this ad was paid for with the £ 5,000 I won for the Spurs defeat in Brighton. Here is a special trophy to thank you, we read in the full-page announcement, where the image of a cup to cut out and keep and a post-it with the message intended for the Special One, which Arora signed, adding ironically ( but not that much) could be the only one you win this season.

Tweet viral

Not happy, the fan then shared the photo su Twitter and within a few hours the post went viral. I am sure that Jos and associates will take a copy of the Enfield Independent after training – the Indian businessman told the newspaper – and when they do, they will find a trophy inside to thank them, with the hope that they will put it on their bulletin board. empty. It is not known how Mou accepted the provocation, but if the Tottenham fan who responded to Arora’s tweet is right, he will win the treble out of spite. Thanks for starting our season. Ranking in hand, currently the Spurs are six points behind Champions area, with just two wins in nine league games, so the treble seems at least complicated. But we know that Mourinho gets excited when he hears the noise of his enemies. Even if, as in this case, it comes from the other side of the world.

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