the calendar of meetings with political parties and social parties –

The prime minister in charge Mario Draghi will begin in the afternoon (at 2.30 pm, except for delays) consultations for the formation of a “high profile” government, according to the wishes of the head of state Sergio Mattarella. In the Chamber, in addition to the delegations of political parties, Draghi should also meet the social partners. The official calendar is awaited, which will have to establish the methods and times with which the political forces will present themselves to the appointment with Draghi.

The former head of the ECB arrived at the Chamber in the late morning in a car with tinted windows that left his home in the woods of Città della Pieve in Umbria. A busy day of meetings awaits him for the formation of a certainly pro-European executive, with the aim of winning the pandemic, guaranteeing the vaccine campaign, relaunching the country and spending European resources in the best possible way. At the moment Draghi phe can count on the sure support of Pd, Iv, Leu and Forza Italia, in addition to that of minor forces, while the split in the M5s and in the center-right (with Fdi firm on the vote or at most on a unitary abstention and the League perhaps on an opening as long as votes are shortly) still which majority and how large will the government support. Meanwhile, the appeals of the Democratic Party to the Five Stars continue – after the meeting with Leu and M5s – not to disperse the heritage of the common path in the Conte bis and for an entry of the grillini in the government. And there are those who hope that Draghi will not choose an executive of technicians only as Monti, but be inspired by Ciampi’s mixed scheme, also making use of political ministers.

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