the stop and the anger of Pd and M5S-

The curtain on most incomprehensible crisis of recent decades President Mattarella takes it down, with the grave tone of missed opportunities. Now enough, it is the sense of an appeal that pours anguish and calls the parties to national responsibility, so that “they give confidence to a high-profile government that should not identify itself with any political force”. Enough clashes, suspicions, negotiations, games to the upside. No more vetoes and counter-prohibitions. At 12 Mario Draghi will go up to the Quirinale and the protagonists of the crisis, Conte, Renzi, Zingaretti, Franceschini, Di Maio, Crimi, Boschi, Bonafede, will have to take a step back.

The psychodrama that will remain in history begins at 9, with the start of the second day of work on the program. It is now a fight, Renzi wants to expel the Keeper of the Seals Bonafede because “on justice we are at absolute zero”, the Movement raises the great wall and the former minister of the PD Andrea Orlando attempts an “award” on the timing of the trials and prescription. The M5S opens, Iv closes. «They are perched – Renzi writes to his followers -. They say no to everything ». But no, rest assured, the group leader dem Andrea Marcucci speaks of “steps forward”, denied at a distance from Maria Elena Boschi: “Progress? No”.

Blow an icy air on the palaces of power and the former president of the Senate Pietro Grasso of Leu gives voice to the suspects: «Renzi is looking for the accident». What they had feared at Palazzo Chigi for weeks, convinced that “the primary objective is to kill Conte.” The blue Gianfranco Rotondi thinks that «Renzi already has« the electoral agreement with Salvini »and everything is possible in the craziest crisis in the world, while outside the pandemic kills, people lose their jobs and the billions of Recovery are waiting. Fico, however, does not despair and extends his life at the program table. There is time until 6pm, then the explorer will go up to the Colle. Scratch scratch is on the seats in the government that you quarrela, shouts, threatens in a four-way summit in which Dario Franceschini, whom “Matteo” considers his “best enemy”, exercises his diplomatic arts to mediate with Renzi, Crimi and Speranza. In vain. The senator of Rignano, infuriated by the 5-star veto on Bellanova, spreads panic with a message: “The Draghi hypothesis is growing”. The minutes of the works are ready, but the Renzians, who had asked him because they don’t trust Conte, they don’t want to sign it.

Seen from the Salone degli Specchi del Quirinale, the situation is surreal. The ascent of Fico al Colle is skidded at dinner time, an event as irritable as the entire crisis. What happens? Has Conte left the scene? Yes, Renzi confirms this with a tweet in which he lists the not of the “former allies” on Mes, school, Arcuri, vaccines, Tav, Anpal and relies on “the wisdom of the head of state”. Silence, speak Fico. The exploration of the battlefields of the “fu” yellow and red coalition failed because the president, who called all the leaders on the phone, did not “find the unanimous willingness to create a majority”. The M5S is in pieces and accuses Renzi of having “just wanted to haggle armchairs.” Count ter died and the alliance between the Democratic Party, the Movement, the Leu and the living Italy also died. “Renzi has broken with his allies” is the farewell of the Nazarene. Zingaretti will have to say yes to Draghi, but many of his people have their hearts in the election campaign. “If they think Conte will lower his head they have not understood anything, has it ready the list and the party – a senator of the Contian rite unleashes -. The institutional government if they vote for it ».

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