those for and against (Lotito above all). What can happen today-

After months of negotiations, resolutions voted unanimously, hundreds of hours of video-conference meetings, the breakthrough day has come. Today in a hotel in the center the 20 presidents, split within them, will have to decide whether to kick off the Project Goal Operation or, as some clubs prefer, further postpone the outcome of a choice that can historically affect the fate of the Italian football.

The companies will be examining the signing of the deadline program that will lead to the closing of the agreement with the fund consortium Cvc-Advent-Fsi, which pledged 1.7 billion to take over 10% of the media company which will deal with the marketing of TV rights, the management of commercial contracts, marketing and merchandising. In practice, the safe of the League. A project conceived, supported and led by Paolo Dal Pino, recently re-elected as president of the Confindustria del Balloon. With the teams in debt, caught in the grip of the emergency wages and lost stadium revenues, the marriage with the funds until 2026 (then the latter would have the option of staying, selling or listing on the stock exchange) would seem on paper the ideal lifesaver to overcome the liquidity crisis. The consortium, between the entrance fee and the fee to be paid in the first year, should immediately guarantee an injection of 600 million. Yet there are those who oppose the deal, worried about losing power in a league that in recent years has suffered from paralysis due to cross vetoes. The fiercest opponent of the entry of funds is the president of Lazio Claudio Lotito, followed by Luca Percassi of Atalanta and Napoli’s number one, Aurelio De Laurentiis, more in favor of a form of financing from banks. Ondivaghi Verona, Udinese and Fiorentina.

14 votes are required for the approval of the resolution, one less than those required for the OK to resource distribution mode. Not getting on this lifeboat would be a risky move, yet in the last few hours Juventus and Inter have also raised doubts about the operation. Among the clauses, in fact, the one relating to the Super League does not escape which in the contract is defined as a significant sporting change and concerns any change in the domestic and / or international sporting format that occurs within 15 years of signing the agreement and leads to a devaluation of the TV rights and a 12% decrease in revenues envisaged in the business plan. In this case the funds would be guaranteed by a proportional increase in the profit sharing of the media company while the clubs would have a symmetrical reduction. In practice, if the big names join the Superlega, the clubs that remain in Serie A would see their revenues decrease.

In the contract, the only modification allowed will be the passage of the A from 20 to 18 teams and it is expected that the Champions League from 2024 will be 36 clubs (now there are 32). Yet even yesterday evening from the environment of the funds filtered optimism: the votes today will be clear, therefore traps and ambushes are not contemplable.

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