Volleyball, mother against daughter. Katarina Kovacova (who wins) and Carolina Boccia, united by blood and divided by a network – Corriere.it

United by a blood bond and a passion for volleyball, but separated by the color of the shirt. Sunday 31 January in Garlasco, in the province of Pavia, an intersection that does not happen often took place, the direct confrontation of the B2 series between Volley Garlasco, club of Katarina Kovacova, and Uyba Busto Arsizio Giovani, team of daughter of Katarina, Carolina Boccia. The match ended 3-0 in favor of the hosts, more experienced than the opponents and that’s how the mother beat her daughter in a family derby that only sport, with its twist of fate, could offer.

La mamma veterana

Katarina Kovacova at 39, a veteran of thickness, with a past also as a butterfly, as the players of Busto Arsizio are called. She returned after a break season, returned to the field with Volley 2001 Garlasco in B2, because she felt young inside, still with the desire to go to the gym to train and relive all the emotions that only competition and the field can give. Of Slovak origin, he obtained Italian citizenship a few years after his arrival in our country. also mother of Matias, who is now 7 years old and who, unlike his older sister, is more fond of cycling and basketball.

The debut daughter

Carolina is 16 years old (born August 4, 2004) and in fact grown up on the volleyball fields, in the years in which

his mother was in full competitive activity. Born in Agrigento, with a Sicilian accent, but good in English and Spanish as well as in her mother’s Slovak, Carolina started playing at the age of 5 and just this year she made her debut with the first team in B2. Off the pitch she attends the third grade at the Tosi Technical Economic Institute in Busto Arsizio and is crazy about the dishes prepared by Katarina: l’Halusky (Slovak dumplings) and Pies (typical rolls stuffed with potatoes and sheep’s cheese).


A long road, traveled very quickly thanks to talent. Destiny wanted mother and daughter to find themselves on the opposite side of the network. But can we come together to the sports hall by car if we are opponents? Carolina asked. In the warm-up we threw a few glances and we laughed, Mom Katarina said and then: In the change of field I risked the card! We had to keep our distance, but I enjoyed trying to playfully touch her foot. They told the referee that we were mother and daughter, so more than stable affections, the player jokingly said. When he found out he was shocked. The girl then did not miss the opportunity of a service on the mother in reception, along the external corridor in zone five. It wasn’t an easy service! – Katarina admitted – but she could have avoided doing me this wrong !, she laughs. To then reveal a dream: I wonder if one day Carolina will be on the same side of the network as me. This is my secret dream …. For now just a wish as a mother, but in today’s volleyball, made up of very young champions and eternal agonists, nothing is impossible.

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