“No to Draghi, he will make a recovery plan pleasing to the potentates, sure of becoming head of state” – Corriere.it

“Every hour that passes, as far as I’m concerned, reasons are added to reasons for saying no to Draghi.” Alessandro Di Battista does not give up and indeed relaunches the attack against the possible Draghi government (after having threatened to leave the M5S), riding the internal discontent in the M5S. In a Facebook post tonight, he wrote. “It is said:“ it will not be a technical government but a political government ”. Very well. So let’s talk about politics. “There are those who have been fighting for 906 days, or since 14 August 2018 (the day of the Genoa massacre), to revoke the motorway concessions to the Benettons. Does anyone really believe that Draghi, the one who, as director general of the Treasury, assigned the motorway concessions to the Benettons, can revoke them? ». The former deputy of the Five Stars and now a critical voice at the helm of the movementist wing of the M5S itself, also asks: «There are those who are fighting for the establishment of a public investment bank. Do you really think that Draghi, a man closely tied to Goldman Sachs can make it happen? I believe that a very harsh provision on conflict of interest is indispensable which prohibits, by law, consultations (or well-paid conferences) to politicians and friends of politics. Could such a law ever be approved with Renzi in charge, politically strengthened in addition, who is growing enormously rich thanks to overpaid foreign conferences? Do you think it will be possible to carry on battles on legality and justice by being in government with Berlusconi? ».

“He accepted because he will be president of the Republic”

According to Di Battista, the Draghi government will have nothing political. «There are those who believe in public goods, in public schools, in public health», he writes, «do you think the Calenda and the Boninos, sponsors of the privatizations, will agree? And who supports interventions for small and medium-sized enterprises really believe that a government born with the blessing of Confindustria will support them? Political government is a word that makes no sense in this scenario. What is political in governing with Pd, Leu, Forza Italia, + Europe, Democratic Center and, probably, the Northern League? There will be some “politicians” inside. A number, among other things, much lower than what many supporters of the yes to Draghi imagine. But there will be nothing political ». But then Di Battista returns to Draghi: «Draghi, in the first months of honeymoon granted by a public opinion exhausted by a year of pandemic, will devote himself to the vaccination plan and to put pen to paper a Recovery which is appreciated by the potentates who incense him. Nothing more. Then, without a shot being fired, he will be elected president of the Republic. On the other hand, he would never have accepted without this guarantee. At that point it will be realized that the “government of the best” as it is already defined was only the beginning of the restoration. A film already seen ».

Goldman Sachs and toxic stocks

It is not the first time that Di Battista has taken sides against Draghi. Well before the task of forming a government was looming, the leader of the Draghi Five Star movementists had for example written (August 2020): “On March 25, in full lockdown, Draghi gave an interview to Financial Times in which he supported the need to increase public debt to protect the economy and jobs. When it was the populists who attacked the logic of a balanced budget in the Constitution and supported debt intervention in times of crisis, the establishment mocked such arguments. But when Draghi speaks, everyone stands at attention, at orders, with the tongue out and turns into many small derivatives. Draghi is like the Tav, the great useless works, the enslavement in Washington or the public funding of Radio Radicale: he manages to get Renzi and Salvini to agree ». Di Battista returns several times to the role of Draghi at the Ministry of the Treasury, in the years of state derivatives, “an avalanche of toxic securities, many of which were signed between 1991 and 2001, or in the 10 years in which Mario Draghi was Director General of Treasure. So let’s remember the story. Draghi became director general of the Treasury, appointed during the last Andreotti government and also confirmed by the Amato I, Ciampi, Berlusconi I, Dini, Prodi, D’Alema I and D’Alema II, Amato II and Berlusconi II governments. Fresh out of the Treasury in 2002, he was appointed Vice President for Europe of Goldman Sachs, one of the largest investment banks in the world. At this point it is legitimate to ask whether the debts contracted by the State with the investment banks due to the purchase of derivatives are good debt or bad debt. What is certain is the involvement of the new stupor mundi, Mario Draghi from Goldman Sahcs ».

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