she jumps 6.75 indoors and becomes the second Italian ever (after her mother Fiona) –

Each jump into the sandpit serves her to push the story a little further. Mom Fiona May sent her (here the first interview of mother and daughter together for “Liberi Tutti”, Corriere della Sera insert) and father Gianni Iapichino (former Italian auction champion), but Larissa Iapichino at 18 years and a handful of months is perfectly capable of looking after herself . At the Italian Junior Championships and Indoor Athletics Championships, in Ancona, the standard bearer of the Fiamme Gialle improves her Italian Under 20 indoor record three times: 6.53 at the second attempt, 6.70 at the third and 6.75 at the fifth, an absolute world-class measure. It is an exciting progression, that of Larissa, which allows us to glimpse the potential of an athlete with an unexpressed talent.

The seasonal debut is already amazing. Thanks to the 6.75m jump, Larissa lands just five centimeters from outdoor staff of 6.80 last summer – monstre measure that had earned her the Italian Juniores record, the second Italian all-time performance behind (coincidentally) mother and the second season at world level – while the 6.40 that the Florentine daughter of art had set in the edition of a year ago.
On an absolute level, this year, Iapichino becomes the second in the world and in Europe, two centimeters from 6.77 on Saturday in the Berlin indoor meeting of the German world gold medalist Malaika Mihambo, as well as the second blue ever in the room: in front there is only, just for a change , Fiona May (6.91), proud mom. Of which the heir continues to say: “We are very different.”
Another statistical curiosity gives the idea of ​​how extraordinary yesterday’s performance of Iapichino junior is: indoors she is the fourth in the world of every era among the Under 20s, thirteen centimeters from the world record in the category of the German Heike Drechsler (6 , 88). One that of jumps understood enough.

“I’m really so happy because this race was meant to break the ice and understand my form and now I can say I’m fine. The thing that amazes me is that there was not only the 6.70, but immediately after the 6.75: measurements that leave me really happy, it means that I am constant on important performances and it is a really good sign “commented Larissa after the Italian U20 indoor record obtained in Ancona. «I arrived calmly on the platform, I was aware of what I was doing: I reached an extra step of my competitive maturity and this allowed me to maintain control and concentration in the race. I hope to be able to continue the season as I started it and with my coach Gianni Cecconi we will continue to work to maintain these results, already from the Absolute indoor, always here in Ancona, on February 20-21“. New wonders on the horizon.

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