The Grillo show the “motivator”. But in the Senate for now the fronda- remains

ROMA – The laughter can be heard five floors below, with the reporters stretching out their ears and microphones to pick up the voices from the parliamentary groups’ building, but only the echo of a theatrical voice and occasionally an applause is heard, to shore up the jokes. It doesn’t look much like a party meeting the ones are holding 5 stars before meeting with the prime minister in charge Mario Draghi; it is rather something between a team building, a session to reinvigorate an unmotivated group, and one of those shows that filled the theaters. «Beppe Grillo is back» and many of those present have to laugh a lot to forget that the Movement is about to sit down at the table with Mario Draghi (whom the founder called a “slightly played Mary Poppins”) with “Renzie” the “political killer”, with the “psycho dwarf »Silvio Berlusconi and with his former” traitor “ally, Matteo Salvini.

The role of the former premier, mayor or minister

The group is in disarray, dozens of senators are hostile to Draghi, who reminds them of the technical government of Mario Monti (“Rigor Monti” or “Bin Loden”, to quote other epithets of the founder). Reconverting ideas and prejudices is an open-hearted operation and for this reason Grillo dedicates himself above all to the management team (post will follow). Many had asked him for a meeting, including Giuseppe Conte, but the founder is fed up with requests, supplications and complaints, so he calls the collective meeting-show. And he is generous with jokes, those that make everyone laugh except the person concerned. To the former premier he says: “You should be a minister at Recovery.”
The alternative would be a role for foreigners, but Luigi Di Maio does not appreciate. And then, they whisper, “can someone cheering for Trump go to the foreign ministry?” Conte’s leading role pleases and worries. Will he sign up? Will he enter the directory? Will it be part of NATO? “But Renzi wants to go there.” The European Commissioner? “But Gentiloni does not go crazy, they make 30 thousand euros gross per month”. And why not mayor of Rome? Grillo also jokes with Fraccaro and Bonafede: “You didn’t do much, you let the Democratic Party fool you”. To Federico D’Incà: «You would like to be a minister again, eh». One of the participants calls it a “middle school party” and that is the spirit of these 45 minutes.

The criticisms of the founder’s son

There is also a “special post”, as it is called: è Davide Casaleggio. They say he was about to go elsewhere when he learned of the meeting and invited himself. “In what capacity? – they protest in chat – He spent years saying that he didn’t have a political role ». To increase the groans, Casaleggio arrives accompanied by Enrica Sabatini, from Rousseau. Same question: in what capacity?
Casaleggio needs to get back into the game, he looks favorably on the government (“think about business”) and presses for votes on his digital creature. Many do not like the hypothesis, because it reactivates a bond that had cooled down. But the leaders are in favor above all to allow the reluctant – if the militants say yes – to change their minds and marry Draghi without too much remorse.

Doubts at Palazzo Madama

There are too many undecided. The Senate is talking about forty. Many bet that in the end the no will be 8-10, in addition to some strategic absence. Laura Bottici, commissioner, is waiting: «I’m starting with a no, but I’m waiting for someone to convince me. When I hear the word Draghi I get goosebumps, but to decide I want to understand well what he proposes ». Di Battista, on the other hand, has no doubts. Carlo Sibilia is lashing: «If he speaks for himself, he certainly cannot change his mind. Come on Italy? We have digested the League and the Democratic Party, we can also digest Berlusconi ».

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