TV rights, Dazn for Serie A is ahead on Sky-

If the TV rights for the European cups (121 out of 137 in the Champions League, then the whole Europa League and the new Conference League) of the three-year period ’21 -24 go to Sky, now there is a victory for Serie A to be awarded. And the game for the acquisition of the TV rights of the championship comes alive with private negotiations, after the offers arrived at League have not reached the minimum figure of 1.15 billion euros. The assembly of Monday 8 February will evaluate the offers arrived e Dazn would have an economic advantage on Sky.

The difference between Dazn’s offer and Sky’s (Mediapro was declared inadmissible, while Eurosport for Discovery on Friday did not show up) will be around 100 million euros, but this is not the only criterion for assignment. At the moment, Sky offers 750 million for the three packages plus Gold with a possible increase of 50-70 million in case of creation of a light channel. Dazn for its part is in the running for the mixed package: it offers 840 million for the first and third, that is 7 exclusive matches and 3 in cohabitation, and with Sky offering 70 for the three in common, the total is currently 910 million.

The first evaluation of the open envelopes fell to the tv rights commission composed, in addition toCEO of the A League, Luigi De Siervo, by the president of Lazio, Claudio Lotito, from that of Naples, Aurelio De Laurentiis, by the president of Sampdoria, Massimo Ferrero, by Udinese vice president Stefano Campoccia and Inter lawyer Angelo Capellini, with De Laurentiis and Ferrero taking on the role of “experts” given their experience in the field of film rights.

The n.1 of Naples and Sampdoria are also inclined to evaluate other factors, such as the ability to cover the territory, the marketing of the product, the guarantees of the group, and therefore with suitable increases, they could also line up for those who initially made a lower offer. On the other hand, Dazn is growing as a group internationally. Other presidents instead aim to maximize revenue. A line that will also act as a demarcation for the next assembly, the one on the question of funds, scheduled for Thursday instead.

As for the funds there is the evaluation of the general agreement that the clubs have in view, and there is less optimism on a closure than two weeks ago, with two opposing views among presidents. There are some aspects that need to be better defined and for which the club commission (composed of Agnelli, De Laurentiis, Fenucci, Fienga and Campoccia with the CEO of the Lega di A, De Siervo) is working on this framework agreement which will be brought to the assembly on Thursday. The arrival of fresh money from TV rights on the one hand, and the hypothesis of the Super League on which the Eca led by Andrea Agnelli works on the other, they feed the beliefs of those presidents (not just Lotito anymore) convinced that we must say no to the investment fund, which on the other hand with respect to the superalloy hypothesis would require guarantees.

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