Notaries elect Rubertelli, the first woman to lead the Council

Another glass ceiling breaks: Valentina Rubertelli, 52, from Naples, the first woman elected president of the National Council of Notaries, of which she was already vice president since 2016. To get to the top, it took almost 100 years since the first woman admitted to practice as a notary. In 1913, Adele Pertici was the first to ask to be registered as a trainee in the Notary Council of Rome. But after the green light, the King’s Attorney asked the Court of Rome to revoke the request, justifying the request with the prohibition for women to exercise a public office (notaries were public officials and not freelancers). The Court of Appeal accepted the appeal and ordered the removal from the register of Pertici. But he didn’t give up. But after years of legal disputes, when in 1920 she was recognized the right to exercise, thanks to the so-called Mortara law of 1919, Pertici renounced the notary profession and devoted herself to teaching and to the family.

For the first woman notary, it was necessary to wait until 1927, when Elisa Resignani passed the national competition and, at the age of just 27, in 1928 she took possession of the headquarters in San Germano Vercellese (Novara), several years earlier than the first female magistrate. In fact, the judiciary only opened its doors to women in 1965 after, on 9 February 1963, Parliament approved law no. 66 which established equality between the sexes in public offices and professions.

The access path to the notarial institutions was even longer: women only entered the National Council of Notaries, the category’s political representation body in 1992, while three years later, in 1995, the National Notaries Fund.

Today, out of approximately 5,100 notaries in practice, women are 37%, double the 17% at the beginning of the 1990s. But among the notaries under 4 or 47% women, a percentage that drops to 41% among the under 55. When considering the competitions of the last 4 years, the winners are about half.

Valentina Rubertelli now climbs the last mountain, reaching the summit of the Council. Not the daughter of notaries, but of an anesthetist and a French teacher. After graduating in law at the Federico II University of Naples with full marks, and a post-graduate degree in civil law, at the age of 26 she passed the notary competition obtaining 10 place in the national ranking of that announcement. Among the various positions he currently holds, there is also the vice presidency of the Council of Notariats of the European Union (CNUE).

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