because it is the signal that the economy has broken down –

The number of China-Europe freight trains reached 1,165 in January, up 66% year-on-year, data from the China State Railway Group shows. This state the ninth consecutive month in which China-Europe freight train journeys exceeded one thousand, according to the company. Freight trains transported 109,000 20-foot-equivalent cargo containers last month, a 73% increase over the previous year.

And train merci have played a crucial role in stabilizing the international supply chain, promoting Sino-European trade and aiding in the global fight against the COVID-19 epidemic. About 9.97 million pieces of anti-epidemic supplies, weighing 80,000 tons, have been sent by trains to European countries including Germany, Poland and Belgium since the outbreak, the company said. It is also a sign of vitality (and recovery) of the economy, as evidenced by the rising oil prices, a sign that the markets anticipate and believe in an imminent recovery.

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