Brady or Williams? That’s why Tom is the greatest athlete in history-

Michael Jordan, idol and Goat of the last millennium, is precisely an idol of a very different geological era of sport: he shares him with Brady obsession with victory – now that he is retired he ruins the evenings for his friends by overturning the backgammon when he loses, taking away the greeting for weeks to those who beat him in golf – but Jordan in his mistakes, the retirement from the NBA and the appearance in semipro baseball and the return, it seems indisputably human. Brady no, more than inhuman it seems superhuman: the legendary twenty years of the New England Patriots is canceled overnight because Brady who goes to Tampa wins and the “Pats” lose without him, confirms the tragic fact that in team sports the team counts but in the end the phenomenon wins, alone, American football as if it were tennis, in fact.

There is no point in talking about Serena Williams being superior to Brady because she also won pregnant and even after pregnancy simply because Brady can’t technically get pregnant and prove the same thing, it’s an objection like that of those who argue that since Williams would lose to Federer or Djokovic then she’s not the Goat (and if only Slams count. currently the largest is Margaret Court?). Brady is a very strong candidate for the Goat title because, also, he is not nice, he does not inspire identification, he is not an absolute poet like Bikila nor a giant of geopolitics and democracy like Owens, he has not transcended an accountant physicist like Mennea, he is not the Picasso of the balloon that was Maradona, he did not change the parameters of his sport like Jordan nor did he transform sport into a religious experience like Federer (cf. David Foster Wallace). Brady simply won over three different decades in a 1967 competition more than anyone else. The absolute beauty of his game, the truly inhuman precision, are the means. Winning more than anyone, men and / or teams, is the goal. He promised, still sweating and cup in hand, last night in Tampa, that “I’ll see you next year.” Said by another it would seem a threat or a braggart or a maneuver to motivate the teammates. Coming from him, it is the literal, robotic, inevitable truth.

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