Franco Marini, former leader of the CISL and former president of the Senate-, died

Irony, passion, determination. These are the qualities that even the opponents recognized a Franco Marini, who died at 87, also a victim of Covid, after a long hospital stay.

His stubbornness, always combined with a smile that could play down even the most difficult moments, was associated with his being born in Abruzzo, in San Pio delle Camere (L’Aquila) on April 9, 1933. His passion was inextricably linked to the defense of workers.

Enrolled in Christian Democracy since 1950, active in Catholic Action and Acli, Marini begins very young to engage incontracts and disputes office of the Cisl. He was noticed by Giulio Pastore, founder of CISL, the Catholic-inspired union, who called him to the studies office of the ministry for the South.

He remained in the CISL until 1991, when, general secretary from 1985, he left to become Minister of Labor of the Andreotti VII government. A trade unionist who left a deep mark in the CISL, infusing the confederation with a strong identity pride and a clear reformist imprint.

Then take the lead of the People’s Party, after the rubble of tangentopoli, becoming secretary from 1997 to 1999, when he was elected to the European Parliament.

In 2001 he became organizational manager of the electoral alliance of Margherita.

Entered Palazzo Madama, in 2006 he was elected president of the Senate, after a bitter battle with none other than Giulio Andreotti. All will recognize him during his mandate qualities of balance, combined with firmness and wisdom. It also helped him there pipe which he often kept off in his hands, one of which was given to him not by chance by Silvio Berlusconi’s right arm, Gianni Letta. When the Prodi government fell in January 2008, Marini received from Giorgio Napolitano an exploratory assignment to form the government, but failed. The first of other and most important disappointments, above all failure to be elected to the Quirinale in 2013, who have never weakened for the character of what friends and adversaries affectionately called the Marsican wolf.

The reactions

Politics as passion and organization, the world of work as its compass, warmth in human relationships. We will miss Franco Marini. He has accompanied democratic Catholics into the new century he wrote Paolo Gentiloni on Twitter. Condolences and closeness to family members were expressed by the country’s main institutional offices. My condolences for the death of Franco Marini, a man of the institutions. Great protagonist in politics and in the trade union. To his loved ones goes my closeness and that of Montecitorio, wrote the Speaker of the Chamber, Roberto Fico. Today we mourn the death of a prominent politician and trade unionist, a man of undisputed moral integrity. President of the Senate and Minister, he was an important protagonist of our republican history, declared the President of the Senate Elisabetta Casellati. One of the great protagonists of the trade union and politics of the last 40 years has left us. One of the architects of the birth of the Olive tree and of the center left, when with courage he prevented the PPI from sliding to the right. I lose a Master, a Father, a Friend instead the memory of the Minister of Cultural Heritage Dario Franceschini who shared a good part of the political path with Marini, first in the DC and then in the center-left. In the trade union world, which for years was the one in which Marini moved, the first reaction was that of Annamaria Furlan, secretary of the CISL and therefore heir to the experience of the deceased: Marini was one of the founding fathers of the CISL, for many years secretary general of our organization in difficult times for our country, characterized by the attack of terrorism on the institutions.

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