Italian football is back, that’s why Juve, Inter and Milan- shine

The most important effect is that the Juve has closed its journey around itself giving itself a rather Italian trend. The ugly neologism says that he Allegrizzata, that is, he returned the enthusiastic football of the initial Pirlo to reason that provides balance in the defensive phase and in the middle of the field, two non-independent things. Inter have always done this, in fact they have won many games but have never convinced, as is normal in Italy.

Between Conte’s football and Guardiola’s there is the same difference that exists between Carducci and Ungaretti. Hence academic distrust. Choose what you like, but Ungaretti has the laziness and essence of the universal man. Today in football we are returning to him, not to a mimetic architecture of the word, but to breath of a millimeter sensation, stolen: which in football represents the Italian game, so thin as to seem prose, so poetically practical. Pirlo and Conte now have the opportunity to interpret it and have good performers.

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Barcelona 3-1 Manchester United (2011)

Then there is Milan that the evolution of Italian footballIt is no coincidence that Pioli, a former class defender, looked like the new Scirea, has the tactical compromise in his skin. Milan plays simple, with some reasoned excess (Hernandez, Rebic) that they need to go beyond the simple squaring. No longer just an Italian team but not yet that European football drift of which there is no longer a school, only great personal interpreters like Guardiola or Klopp. Ours, today, in fact, is a championship between the avant-garde and old age, dominated by the great forwards, Ronaldo, Ibra, Lukaku, Immobile, that is the easy, evident part of football. It hadn’t been like that for a long time.

Don’t be sidetracked by populist communication. For 11 years now, those who have won the top scorer have not played in the team that won the Scudetto. We are talking about Cavani, Di Natale, Higuain, Immobile, Icardi, Ibra himself but in other roles. If now the center-forwards of the best teams return to dominate, it means that the game has changed, we have returned to the essentials, it does not count how many goals, it matters that the team works well for what scores the most. This is Pirlo’s transformation and Conte’s progression. This is the extraordinary consistency of Milan that led Ibrahimovic to the same goals as the others but in half the time. And this has led great teams like Rome, Naples and Atalanta itself to have the wrong era. They play well at times and above all within a modernity that is no longer needed

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