Juventus-Inter 0-0, the report cards. De Ligt cancels Lautaro. Hakimi is not enough, Lukaku never shoots- Corriere.it

Juventus-Inter ends 0-0 at the Stadium, the bianconeri go to the final of the Italian Cup thanks to a 2-1 first leg. These are the match reports

6 Buffon Real saves must not make any. Some risk with the feet.

6Danilo Its an area where the lights almost never come on.

7Demiral He chases Lautaro and manages to read his ways and times, essentially erases him from the field.

7De Ligt Sticking to Lukaku uncomfortable. Containing it tiring, it keeps it well away from the door.

5 Alex SandroThe train goes by, but he never manages to catch it. When Hakimi accelerates, he is always over-revving. He was warned and the yellow made him miss the final.

5,5Square He has little fun. He stands tall, he finds no space or inspiration.

6Bentancur Defense shield, it often stands there waiting to take them, but it can cushion the blow.

5,5RabiotHe struggles to get the team out and ends up crushing them.

5Bernardeschi He stays wide, but he can’t stay out of trouble. in Barella and Hakimi’s line of fire, he often falls into it.

6,5RonaldoWhen it lights up it scares the Inter defense. Three times he breathes fire like a dragon, but Handanovic does not let himself be incinerated.

5,5Kulusevski Sar who does a dirty job, dives all the time and never manages to emerge.

6,5McKennieHis entrance manages to lift Juventus for a moment that something builds, especially thanks to his work.

6 Pirlo Achievementthe first final of his career and fulfills a difficult mission. Inter and its approach suffers, but it holds up



Handanovic Warm and responsive. The goal given to Ronaldo in the first leg burns him: this time he wins the duel.

6 CabinetHe starts well, then he starts betting for CR7 and he chases.

6,5The free The sliding save on Ronaldo is worth a goal.

6,5Sticks He is very careful after the incident of the first leg with CR7 and blocks him with a nice shot. Bravo also on Cuadrado which does not leave the field.

7Judge He wears out the opponent with continuous shots, it seems that he is running downhill and who is next to him uphill. Tears the Juventus side.

6,5Stretcher An eternal give-and-go to cut out the bianconeri. A real attacker, he always throws himself in.

5,5BrozovicNot flashy, it fills the areas of the midfield, but never has the winning intuition.

6EriksenFrom a pure interior he puts in the dynamism that does not come naturally to him. It makes ends meet there in the middle.

6DarmianIt offers defense protection which limits it on lunges.

5Lukaku He works for the team, but never gets to shoot on goal.

4,5 LautaroIn games like this, the chances are limited, two happen to him: one gets rid of it, the other throws it away.

6PerisicThe entrance this time not the worst: a little push the d.

6 Senses It has limited autonomy, but when it enters it is dangerous.

6KolarovBehind save twice.

6ConteInter creates, puts Juve under, but does not go to the final. Another elimination arrives, it burns because the gifts of the first leg are paid: Juve was not stronger.

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