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mid afternoon when the Movement announces the vote on Rousseau for the Draghi government, a consultation of the base that will be held between tomorrow and Thursday and which immediately unleashes hell among the big names. The decision had been in the air for days. The leaders all agree. There was also a phone call between Beppe Grillo and Davide Casaleggio last Friday – the occasion in which the guarantor invited the entrepreneur to the M5S summit preceding the consultation with Mario Draghi – to reiterate the need for a passage between the base. For two reasons: to incorporate any internal dissent with the vote and to maintain the ritual of consultation as for the two Conte governments.

A foregone announcement, which however created fire and flames among the top. In the following hours there was a whirlwind of phone calls (and accusations) that saw protagonists Vito Crimi, Casaleggio, Grillo, but also prominent exponents such as Luigi Di Maio. There are also those who speak of an intervention by the President of the Chamber, Roberto Fico. To overheat the minds, first of all the timing of the post: until lunchtime the pentastellated leaders ensured that before a possible vote they would wait for the summary proposed by Draghi. Then, the sudden acceleration: there are those who point the finger at the regent, others against the president of Rousseau. Grillo distances himself from the post (and from Casaleggio and Crimi). You can also weaken in consultations by anticipating the times, says a source. It is also feared that the post was read by the main protagonists of this political phase as a lack of institutional etiquette.

Not just the timing to cause irritation: in the post the word quesiti is used in the plural, a solution that Grillo does not want to adopt. In the tug-of-war and phone calls over the next few hours, people get to calm down and mediate: there will probably be only one question, as indicated by the guarantor. He, Grillo, remains strongly at the center of the Movement’s scene: the Five Stars await his endorsement to the new executive (even if they run rumors unlikely on a line change). Most likely he will still be in Rome for the final act of this political phase, still holding the reins of the pentastellati. After the post, internal chats explode and the first explanations of vote (not everyone) on support for Draghi arrive from the rebel wing. Giorgio Trizzino goes against the consultation on Rousseau. Speak on his behalf, the senators immediately write. Why doesn’t he immediately go to the Democratic Party without “decanting”?

But the focus here is also linked to the times. If another round of consultations were needed, what would we ask about Rousseau? Are Draghi handsome ?. There are those who claim that the question is shared and respectful of the various reasons and those who ironize the question to be submitted to the activists: Do you want to preserve the achievements of the M5S and have it affected with other phantasmagorical historical reforms ?. From next week it will be impossible. Activists also rise up in local chats. One writes to us that we are “lazy”, this other says that we are attached to money and that we must return to the opposition or resign, says a deputy to theAdnkronos. The senators of the rebel wing are organizing and launching a telematic V-Day on Zoom for today to explain the reasons for the no to Draghi.

To stir the spirits in the last hours was also the presence of Giuseppe Conte at the assembly of parliamentarians. There are two reasons for the dispute. First of all, the fact that the participation of the outgoing premier (agreed with Vito Crimi and known to the big names and to the directors of the Chamber and Senate) was not shared until the last moment with the elected officials. In chat we talk about interference in the meeting of Conte’s parliamentarians (through no fault of his). But there are also those who complain about the premier: He did the show and left without listening. And in this chaotic situation on Rousseau today there will be the first vote (difficult for a quorum to be reached) to change the statute. The beginning of a new phase is just around the corner, with the candidates for the collegiate body on the launching pad. Someone wonders if Giuseppe Conte is among them.

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