Spread at 93 points, the Milan Stock Exchange is running. BTP and shares, how to invest now – Corriere.it

Piazza Affari and the European stock exchanges begin another week full of optimism. With the spread between Italian and German securities well below 100 points (93 at the opening) which dragged financial stocks upwards. (Here the investment strategies when the spread falls) In the first week of February the Ftse Mib rose by 7% and the Eurostoxx by 5%. Investors bet on various national and international matches. Beginning with the Biden administration’s intention to carry out the $ 1900 billion stimulus plan, which Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen says will bring full employment by 2022. but also on the progress of the vaccination campaign and on the fact that the quarterly reports of listed companies contain comforting news.

The Stock Exchange Race

Piazza Affari remains the best: the Ftse Mib earns 1.5% (in the early afternoon) with the banks always protagonists when the prices of BTPs rise, because they are the architrave of the economic system and because in their balance sheets there is a consistent share of public debt. The 10-year yield today is around 0.54% and the spread travels around 93 after rising to 96. Monte dei Paschi di Siena, for which the Treasury must find a partner, earns 14%, while Mediobanca securities analysts are betting on the aggregation between Bper and Banco Bpm: the two securities are the best of the Ftse Mib, rising respectively by 6 , 5% 5 and 5.3%. Unipol, the first shareholder of Bper, rises by 5.4%. Among the other stocks, brilliant Intesa Sanpaolo (+ 2%) after the quarterly accounts and Mediobanca (+ 3%), while Unicredit gains 3%. All assets under management rose well (+ 3% Azimut, while Mediolanum, Fineco and Banca Generali rose by more than 2%). Atlantia also did well after the postponement of the deadline for the Cdp consortium to formulate the offer on Autostrade per l’Italia.

The other European stock indices rise, albeit less than Milan. The euro recovers $ 1.20 and trades at 1.2029. Oil up by more than one percentage point: Brent exceeds 60 dollars a barrel and, in April delivery, marks 60.14 dollars, the March WTI trades at 57.6 dollars a barrel. Gold down in the April future to $ 1811 an ounce

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